Friday, February 1, 2013

#InklingsPhoto Challenge, February 2013

The #InklingsPhoto Challenge continues into February. For those who participated in January's daily subjects, a huge thank you goes out to you. I hope you all will return for February, and spread the word so we can get some new participants.

If you are new to the #InklingsPhoto Challenge, it's simple. Each day, snap a picture with your camera or phone of your interpretation of the day's subject. Upload it to our #InklingsPhoto Challenge, 2013 Facebook group, to Instagram and/or Twitter, and don't forget to hashtag #InklingsPhoto when you do it (and tag me @tattedmom81 if you'd like). 

Keep in mind that photos must be your own; copyrighted images or images from the web are not allowed (unless you hold the copyright). It's the aim of the challenge for you to take the picture on the day of the subject matter, but if you have a past picture (that you took, of course) that fits the day, then that's okay, too.

This photo challenge isn't meant to be a burden. If you want to post on a particular day, then post. If you forget one day, it's perfectly fine. And if you join in the middle of the month, don't feel like you have to play catch up; just start with whatever day you find us! 

The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and be creative! Share with family and friends you think would enjoy it, and encourage others participating by liking their pictures on Facebook or Instagram, or retweeting them on Twitter!

Happy shooting, everyone!

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  1. Shout out about your Feb Photo contest!

    1. Wooo hooo! Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you are participating!! =)