Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm Not Saying I'm Easy... But I Am...

I normally don't take up blog posts to ask y'all to vote for Inklings, but this time it's definitely needed.

We were nominated as a Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny Mom for 2013. I participated last year, and we made it up to #68 (though I have to admit it would have been cool to be #69- giggles). I thought that was amazing, and set my sights up to the Top 50 for this year.

Only, we're not in the top 50. We're barely hanging on in the top 100. There are 3 times as many blogs as there were last year, and the majority of them are under a year old. I really don't mean to talk shit (okay, y'all know I do like to talk shit), but many of these women can't even complete a sentence, have NO idea what punctuation is, and their idea of funny is saying the words 'poop' and 'pee' over and over again... and they are HIGHER than Inklings. Some of them haven't blogged in a month. WTF???

They must have a lot of friends. I mean, A LOT. And all of their friends feel sorry for them because they can't write, they aren't funny, and dammit they haven't put in the time. Almost 3 years I've been doing this now. I take pictures because I know y'all would love to actually see the crazy shit that I talk about. My brain is constantly in 'I wonder if I can blog about this' mode. And I'm always thinking, 'Holy crap, my readers are AWESOME, I freaking love them,' because y'all are awesome. Y'all are amazing. And I'm sure, like me, y'all have some brain mush from being moms.

So I'm writing a post to remind you all to Please Vote. Vote today, vote tomorrow, vote for the next 5 days. And whore me out to your friends. You can Google+ this post, share it on facebook, share it on twitter and so many other sites. There are links to do all of that at the top and bottom of each post. So share me around like a $5 hooker. I encourage you to.

Because right now I feel like I'm being f*cked anyway by this voting site, and it's not enjoyable. At least if I'm being passed around by people I love- by my readers- I'll get some enjoyment out of it. Y'all slap my ass and tell me I'm pretty. And y'all cuddle with me afterwards.

So please, vote, vote, vote! Voting is simple. You can click the button above or throughout the whole post and then click on the Vote heart under my blog description on the Circle of Moms' site. It's that easy!

Like me. I'm trying to be easy. I want you to push my buttons and then pass me onto the next person so they can push my buttons. And it's free for y'all. What more could you ask for?


  1. I like pushing buttons! PS can I pick your brain about a tattoo idea?

    1. You can. Email me at! =)