Monday, February 11, 2013

17 First World Problems for Moms

PLEASE tell me you have heard of First World Problems. In a nutshell, they are the "problems" that we privileged people bitch about- and by privileged, I'm not necessarily talking the people who make more than 6 figures a year and have a maid. Privileged is meant more to describe the fact that we don't drink the same water that cows bathe in, don't really have to worry that our whole family will die from a mosquito bite, and we somewhat know where our next meal is coming from- things people in second and third world countries have to worry about.

Scour the web, and you will find some funny shit when it comes to First World Problems. In my search, though, I found 0 First World Problems for Moms. No lists catered directly to problems that we mothers face in this day and age... in a first world country.

Allow me to do the honors, then...

17 First World Problems for Moms

1. After starting my lid-locked HE washing machine, I turned around to find one single children's sock on the floor that dropped out of the basket when I loaded everything in, and now the washer is full of water and won't open.

2. My baby threw up on all of the bibs that matched her outfit while we were out in public, and all I had in the diaper bag is a bib that doesn't match.

3. The grocery store was out of the toothbrushes that I had extreme couponed down to free.

4. My kids got grounded and I had to take away their video games, MP3 player, internet access, telephone, TV and DVD player in their room so they could fully feel their punishment.

5. I have to worry about the sex, nudity, language and adult situations my kids may see presented on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon more than in the outside world.

6. I'm trying to help my kids with their homework, but the internet is down right now so I can't google the answers.

7. I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight, but I have to get into my car and drive to the closest fast food
place so my family can eat.

8. The grocery store ran out of the tissues with the lotion in them and my kid has the sniffles.

9. My kids' school bake sale is tomorrow and I forgot to pick anything up at the grocery store to pass off as my own. Now I may actually have to bake something.

10. My calendar notification on my smartphone didn't alert me properly and I missed the start of the

playgroup for my kids.

11. The cute Valentine's baggies I saw on pinterest for the kids in my kids' classes didn't turn out as cute as the picture when I made them.

12. The automatic shower cleaner device I bought is out of batteries and now I have to scrub the shower myself.

13. The delay on my smartphone camera didn't catch that huge bubble my kid blew with their bubblegum.

14. We ran out of gummy vitamins and I had to try and convince my child that a Flintstone's chewable vitamin is just as good.

15. The shopping cart at the grocery store feels dirty and I left my hand sanitizer in my other purse/diaper bag.

16. I ran out of garlic powder while I was cooking the family's dinner and had to use garlic salt instead... and the meal was a little on the salty side. Still edible, just salty.

17. My kid cried the whole way home in the car, just to fall asleep 5 minutes before we pulled into the driveway.

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  1. I myself am fond of #6.(: I wish that was the only things I worried about. But I agree,cause even when dealing with my daughters disabilities, I very much appreciate the fact I live in America.

  2. Good reminder that we have so much to be thankful for! My kids and I sponsor a child through World Vision. I am thankful we can help people who would be thrilled with things we complaint about!

  3. Sometimes we forget how blessed we are. I try to remind myself, at the beginning of every rant about my "problems", that I have no problems.

  4. Oh #6 is becoming a nightly thing at our home--I am NOT smarter then a Fifth grader =} #11 comes up quite often too these are a hoot!!

  5. Ha! Hilarious. I had to laugh about #2 - I almost always forget any kind of bib (or change of clothes for that matter) on outings with my babe.

  6. Thank you all for your comments! Glad you enjoyed the list!! ;)

  7. LOL! Definitely first world problems, but still frustrating.

  8. So funny! We are very spoiled aren't we!

  9. Love #s 3 and 6! They're all so (embarassingly) true!

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  11. 18. Accidentally downloaded the explicit version of Nicki Minaj's "Starships" and now my kid won't stop singing it without the swear words.