Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The (Useless) Teapot

Men and women are different. There is absolutely no arguing that. Just how different we are can sometimes be summed up in a single story.

Y'all know I love my bargain hunting. My trips to Goodwill usually occur once a week, and I'll (hopefully) find some good deals on things to help decorate my house. On a particularly good shopping day, I walked away with a chair for my living room, a cookbook stand, a slate lazy Susan for my kitchen island, a wooden wine rack, a huge coffee mug to fit all of my random samples of coffee... and a teapot.

This teapot...

I put everything into place, and when Hubby got home from work that afternoon, the following conversation went down about all of my findings:

Hubby: Sweet. I like the wine rack and the cookbook holder, but what is that?
Me: What is what?
Hubby: That (pointing at the teapot). Did we need a teapot? We have a Keurig if you want to heat water quickly for tea.
Me: Yeah, so?
Hubby: (picking the teapot up) Does it even work?
Me: Nope. You can't actually use it.
Hubby: WHAT? You bought a teapot that we can't even use?
Me: Yep.
Hubby: Why?
Me: For decoration. It adds a splash of color to the kitchen, so it ties the two rooms together (our
kitchen and great room).
Hubby: (giving me the evil eye) And how much did you spend on the useless teapot?
Me: First off, it's not useless. It's a decoration piece. Secondly, it was like $2 or $3- that's it. Plus, I like it.
Hubby: You like a teapot that we can't even use, that we have to move out of the way in order to use the stove?
Me: Yep.
Hubby: So, not only does your teapot not work, but it also is a nuisance because it gets in the way of us using the stove?
Me: Just move it if you want to use the stove. It's not hard.
Hubby: It's the principle.
Me: There is no principle. We have a cute teapot that adds a splash of color to our kitchen that I bought for like $3. And it makes me happy.
Hubby: (in a sarcastic voice) Well, that's all that matters then, isn't it? 
Me: (huge smile) Yep!

Okay ladies out there, y'all get this, right? A cute teapot, only like $3 at Goodwill that added a much needed splash of color to our kitchen. Makes sense, right?


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  1. Hilarious! Sounds like my house, they like to argue for the sake of arguing!

  2. Ok, so I entered an awesome comment and it just disappeared. Amidst my anger I lost my wittiness.

    However, I LOVE the teapot and completely get it. I have all kinds of random, useless (as in it doesn't work but totally serves a purpose) shit laying around the house. Actually, it isn't laying, it is perfectly placed in it's spot. My hubbs call them dust collectors, I call them amazingly fabulous deco pieces. It's all in the eye of the beholder. ;)