Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Organizing (the Skeletons in) My Closet Under the Stairs

For some reason, I love organizing. Making things all neat and orderly, easy to find- sign me up!

It's tackling the mess to get it organized that causes me to procrastinate. I'm not a fan of cleaning or clearing out.

We moved into our house 3 months ago, and while this new place has plenty of storage room, the closet under the stairs seems to be the most frequented dumping ground for all of our crap junk belongings. Now, this closet was supposed to be my craft/stockpile closet (you know, when I buy 5 things of toilet paper because they were on sale and I had coupons for them- that stockpile), but it quickly turned into the we-don't-know-where-to-put-it closet. As a result, I would just open the door, throw the item in, shut the door real quick and run.

At the first of the year, I decided no more. I wanted my closet back. An organized closet meant

  1. I would craft more.
  2. I could keep better tabs on my stockpile so I knew when to buy stuff and when not to.
  3. I no longer had to throw-and-dash.
  4. We wouldn't lose a cat in there.
  5. I had a comfortable place to hide when the children were annoying me.
So, I did it. The final cost of organizing this closet was a mere $20 for the wire 3 shelf rack you see in the corner. I had the big clear bins in the garage, and everything else was just stacked a little nicer. I ended up throwing out 4 empty boxes and a trash bag full of crap we didn't need anymore.

The Before Pictures: 

Yoga mat in the floor, grocery bags full of goodness knows what, mini-stockpile of toilet paper right in front
of the door. And you can tell we walked into the closet as far as the vacuum cleaner before hurling the items around the corner so we didn't have to look at them anymore.

This is the corner of the closet. That would be miscellaneous boxes left over from Christmas, some of my tattooing equipment and a spider web decoration from Halloween

This is the shot around the corner- There's quite a bit of room in this L-shaped closet, not that you can tell that from the pictures. I couldn't even get the camera around the corner enough to get a full shot, and in the process of taking this picture, I stepped on a Lego with one foot and slightly twisted my other ankle. There's no place to hide from the kids in here.

The After Pictures:

Wait... What's that? A clear path through the closet and around the corner so I can hide? What?? It's a miracle!

 The bend in the closet, which before was covered in miscellaneous boxes left over from Christmas and more. There's the little $20 shelf from Target, which now houses my miscellaneous craft supplies. Under it, canvases for me to paint. Beside it, the clear bins are filled with my jewelry-making supplies and my bath products making supplies, with my mini-stockpile of toilet paper on top. I plan to get a second wire shelf for my stockpile items.

This is the shot around the corner in the closet. There's a nice little place in the floor for me to sit and hide from the kids if need be. Otherwise, my paper crafting items are in those totes, pictures in the banker's boxes and a gift bag full of other gift bags and the boxes left over from Christmas.

This organization honestly took about 2 hours. I had to pull everything out of the closet and into the front room, separate it into categories, throw out the stuff we no longer needed, and put it all back inside in an orderly fashion. 

Now the closet under the stairs is my own, full of my craft supplies, my stockpiled house items and my skeletons. Hell, at least they are organized skeletons...

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