Friday, January 4, 2013

Interior Design for Interior Emotions Infographic

I bet y'all didn't know I'm into feng shui, did you? Things like colors for a room, placement of furniture and materials used all affect your energy and mood. That's why, when I was sent this Color Psychology infographic, I fell in love with it! I love decorating, and seeing the colors you should add (or avoid) when decorating to affect your mood was so helpful! And seeing the differences in how men decorate vs. how women decorate was eye opening!


Color Psychology: Style Your Room, Design Your Mood

The data for this infographic was collected by

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  1. This totally explains the last mean, discussion between my husband and I! He is perfectly happy with those awful, I mean WONDERFUL wood panels in our home.... While I on the other hand wanted to make everything else in our home bright with colored accessories, bright curtains, wall hangings, etc... haha It is all beginning to make sense!

    1. LOL, in my house, too. I was picking out bright, fun colors with splashes of red everywhere and Hubby hated it. I did it anyway. He's fine with it now. =)

  2. I really enjoyed this, I put green in everything and am always drawn to this color for some reason. Also it was interesting to learn the difference between tints and shades! Thanks!