Tuesday, January 1, 2013

#InklingsPhoto Challenge, January 2013

I decided to take the dive and do a photo challenge this year. I searched the internet looking for one that excited me, and finally decided to start my own. The cool thing is, this one comes with perks!!

#InklingsPhoto Challenge, January 2013
As with any photo challenge, each day you'll take a picture of something related to the subject of that day. Interpretation is all your own, and I kept things on the vague side for artistic freedom. Upload the pictures to your facebook, blog, Instagram or twitter, and make sure to #InklingsPhoto with the post and you can tag The Inklings of Life in your photo on facebook, @tattedmom81 on Instagram or @tattedmom81 on twitter. If you are a blogger and want to share this photo challenge with your readers, feel free to take the image above (no alterations, please) and link back to this post! You are also free to post the pictures directly to the Inklings facebook page, or join the #InklingsPhoto Challenge event page on facebook to easily upload your pictures and check out everyone else's!

Here's the perk! At the end of the month, Tatted Mom will pick her favorite pictures and those participants will receive prizes. So make sure you tag the pictures correctly so you can get my attention and I put you in the running. Prizes to be announced later in the month!

I hope we get a lot of participants this year to make my first photo challenge a success. If it is, I will of course continue it each month! And to take a look at my own contributions to the challenge, just click #InklingsPhoto Challenge image in the right sidebar, and it will take you to my daily photo posts!

Let's start 2013 off in a creative spirit, share this photo challenge with your friends and readers, and happy shooting!!

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  1. Replies
    1. Yep, yep. Just opened (another) Instagram account. Look for me @tattedmom81 (just like with twitter), and the hashtag #InklingsPhoto still applies!

    2. I just added you on instagram and I will tag you with my photoss daily! So excited to do the photo challenge! Please follow me back @jtemahoney

    3. I gotcha! Loved your Google picture for 'Wings'. It makes me smile when people interpret the subject in a unique way!! =)

  2. Starting two days late! (but starting nonetheless!!!)

    1. It's never too late. I saw your pics on Instagram- LOVE them!! Thanks for participating!