Saturday, January 19, 2013

Days 13-19, #InklingsPhoto Challenge

Day 13: Hate
Y'all know I hate feet, and my ugly foot tattoo.

Day 14: Artsy
My beautiful Bones, with her arms crossed.

Day 15: Magic
Beans, beans, the magic fruit... =P

Day 16: Hot
My night cap of hot herbal tea

Day 17: Cold
Bacon and eggs, straight from the fridge, ready to cook

Day 18: Knock, Knock
One of my art pieces depicting my love for doors and keys.

Day 19: Something in 3s
Wine, glorious wine.
If you want to participate in the #InklingsPhoto Challenge, it's never too late to enter. Just pick up on whatever day you start. Details here, and in the picture below! Feel free to share with friends! Happy shooting!

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  1. Cool...I want to do something like this on my blog but I'm an inconsistent poster!! Cool pics!! :)