Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well Worth $80 (An Ink Blots Post)

I used to have a job where I had a conference call at least once a week, on my drive to work (well, I could either take the conference call on my drive to work or get to work an hour early and take it there- I got paid either way, so seriously, it was a no-brainer). Even though I hated the things (I call them Bugs), I got a Bluetooth. I had to, it was a necessity to be able to participate in my conference call while driving 70 mph on the interstate.

Now I'm a stay-at-home-mom who, in the past, spent $80 on a little bug for her ear so she could look like be a (safe) professional. I'm not one for wasting money, so I still use my Bluetooth while I clean the house. Sometimes people call me and I talk to them while I'm cleaning house, sometimes no one calls me, and I have this bug stuck in my ear for no reason at all.

I also use it when I go out in public, usually to the grocery store or Target. I think it's funny to keep my hair down and look like I'm talking to myself. The looks I get are priceless.

But honestly, for the most part, it's become pretty useless. I don't have 45 minute (one way) commutes to work, I don't have conference calls on a regular basis, and I don't have specific times that I talk to people to where I couldn't sit down and relax during the conversation instead of staying on-the-go.

Instead of getting rid of it, I decided to put it to even better use than how people would normally use it. I'll break down a scenario for you:

Woman cleaning house + Talking - Bluetooth device = Crazy ass woman talking to herself
Woman cleaning house + Talking + Bluetooth device = Not crazy ass woman having a conversation with another person via her Bluetooth.

No one needs to know I'm not actually talking to anyone via my Bluetooth nnd that I am, in deed, talking to myself.

So, here's your heads up if you happen to know where I live and enjoy looking in my windows during the day- that Bluetooth in my ear is more than likely a cover-up. There's a 99% chance I'm just talking to myself...

Well worth the $80 to keep nosy neighbors guessing...

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