Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Lessons Craigslist Has Taught Me

Hubby and I have decided to get The Girl a vanity table for her room for Christmas. Finding one we like in the price range we want is quite difficult. Cheap ones online have already sold out, thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which leaves us either spending an arm and a leg, or having to think outside of the box.

"Outside of the box" includes thrift stores, antique stores and Craigslist.

Early this morning I jumped on Craigslist to see what had been uploaded since my last visit late yesterday afternoon. Considering my coffee had yet to set in properly, my early morning online scavenger hunt had me rolling around laughing. I want to share actual postings with you all, and I will put the link, but understand that if this stuff sells, there's a good chance the link will not work later.

Craigslist has taught me some very valuable lessons today...

~Pictures Don't Need to Be in Focus.

Why take a good picture of something you are trying to unload on Craigslist? No need. Blurry pictures, pictures taken while riding on a skateboard past the item, and pictures taken in a dark cave will all work. Hell, it's a cocktail table for $75... I think. It could be a simple serving tray or a piece of dollhouse furniture if you go by the picture. Just make sure you see it before handing over the cash.


~The Word "Eclectic" Means "Ugly".

What's this I see? An eclectic armchair for just $115? I love eclectic furniture. Let me just click right here... OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT? Are those monkeys? On a black chair with green tree branches? That's not 'eclectic', that's just plain hideous. And the seller wants $115 for this? How about they pay me to take it off of their hands and use it to start a bonfire? Seriously, my style of decorating is 'eclectic', but that does not mean hideous. Someone kill this chair, kill it now...

~You Can't Negotiate When It Comes to Sentimental Items.

Title says: Mermaid pottery decoration.
Description says: $130, price is firm, sorry.

What title should say: Handmade mermaid pottery with big boobs, "eclectic" (see above)
What Description should say: I made this and I love it, so I'm charging $130 because that's the amount of a bill I have that needs to be paid, and because it's my art and holds sentimental value for me, I will not let it go for less than the bill. If I don't get the amount of my bill for this, then it's not worth it to me to give up. And yes, I have a boob fetish.

~People Do Dumb Things.

Here we have a cowhide ottoman. Quite an "eclectic" piece (see above), definitely only fits a certain style of decorating. The thing that gets me is that the description says "Pottery Barn ottoman completely redone in cowhide." Why? I looked up Pottery Barn ottomans- they run at least $400 each. Why on earth would you spend $400 on a stylish ottoman and then make it one of the ugliest things I've ever seen? I tell you what. Rip off the hideous cowhide and I'm sure you'll get the $400 price tag you are asking for. More people would by a 'Pottery Barn Ottoman' instead of a 'Cowhide Ottoman'. You obviously custom made it to your taste, so why sell it?


~The Word "Antique" Can Sometimes Just Mean "Old-Looking"

When I think of an antique, I think of something at least 50 years old, but leaning more toward the 100 year or more mark. Apparently this isn't a commonly held definition. Here in this ad, we have an "antique desk for sale". Big, black and cherry oak, great condition considering it's an "antique", and the seller is only asking $100 for it. Antique desk for $100? That's an amazing deal, especially considering the owner "originally bought as $300 brand new in 2011". Wait. Brand new in 2011? That makes this an amazing antique of over... 1 year old. Son of a...

My findings today were all courtesy of just the 'furniture' or 'household' sections of the Tucson Craigslist, all posted within the last few days. I can only imagine what I'd find if I ventured outside of these two categories, or further back in history. I absolutely love Craigslist, please don't get me wrong on that. I've sold a car that had a blown out motor on Craigslist in the past. I love finding deals, selling crap we don't need anymore, and entertaining myself on the site (Check out the 'Personals' section if you ever want a good laugh, but make sure there aren't kids around- it's like free porn...). Today's post is all in good fun, and what happens if you peruse Craigslist without having had your morning coffee.

But, as always, I learned some things today. Thank you, Craigslist...

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  1. Wow! Those are amazing pieces of... well, crap!

    My ex husband finds dates on Craiglists. *shakes head*

    1. Oh, wow... Years ago, my friends and I consumed a bit of alcohol one night and decided to get on the personals section to just have our laugh for the evening. We definitely had a fun evening, lol.

  2. My youngest child was playing with my smartphone and somehow got to the ADULT Craigslist. Did you know there was amateur porn and "partner wanted" ads on CRAIGSLIST! OMG!

    1. I knew there were ads in the Personals section that can get racy- with pics and everything, but I was not aware of an Adult Craigslist. I must find it, lol.

  3. Amazing. and yes, the official definition of an antique is that it's at least 100 years old.
    I have never found Craigslist useful but I may now pop over to it if only for a laugh.

    1. I never looked it up, but I *knew* my 100 years thing was somewhere near the truth, lol. I love 50s style furniture, and they are still calling that 'vintage' not 'antique' just yet.