Monday, November 26, 2012

Humble Chic Cyber Monday Sale

I was told about Humble Chic and fell in love with their clothing and handbags. Then I was told that on Monday, November 26th (Cyber Monday), Humble Chic was running 20% Off the Entire Site PLUS a FREE Humble Chic Signature Tote Bag with every purchase, I knew I had to pass it on to y'all. (Make sure to type in Promo Code: CYBER-CHIC when you check out!)

Their stuff is absolutely adorable...

Heart Patch Sweater, Courtesy of Humble Chic
And makes me giggle...
Jumbo Skull Tote, Courtesy of Humble Chic

So, considering the 20% off sale is for one day only, just go ahead and treat yourself to something cute, and when the husband gets home, tell him Thank You, that he bought you the most amazing sweater/handbag/necklace for Christmas, from Humble Chic!! Or, you can just tell him you bought it for yourself, but the first one makes husbands feel special (and there's less bitching)...

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