Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hubby's Approved Gifts for Men this Holiday Season

Man Philosophy #14: A Man's Heart
This year, Hubby and I rekindled our romance and ended our 3 year separation. He wanted to be more involved with my life as a writer and mom blogger, so I gave him his own section of my blog:

Man Philosophy.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting the amazing response to Hubby's Man Philosophy crap idea. I got email after email from women saying they laughed so hard, then showed it to their husbands, who all simply said, 'Yep, that's right.' One woman asked if she could get a T-shirt with one of the sayings on it... and the Man Philosophy product line began.

These shirts and PJ sets are Hubby approved for men to wear, and definitely make the most unique (and funny as hell) gift this holiday season.

Any of the links in this email will send you directly to Inklings' Merch Store, which is the ONLY place you can get the Man Philosophy line. If you see them anywhere else, they are non-thinking stealers who are infringing on copyrights. Let me know if you see any, please.

Some of the Man Philosophy words of wisdom include:

And there's a few more. 

Yes, there are other things at the Inklings Merch store that I'd love for y'all to look at (like the Dead, Bleeding or On Fire Coffee Mug), but this post is for Hubby's Man Philosophy line, because if y'all are like me, you have NO IDEA what to get your husband for the holidays this year. Another video game means more "quality time" with you cussing out little kids on a headset (and they have a worse mouth than you!). Tools mean they are out in the workshop attempting to make a bookshelf, but all the hard work only results in a hospital trip when he almost slices his thumb off. 

So, skip the headset quality time and the hospital trips this year and get some Man Philosophy wear. There's even PJ sets in all of the phrases in case you don't want to be out in public with him while he's getting thumbs up and high fives from strange men who understand the saying on his shirt.

And there's a bonus this year. If, after the holidays are done, you send me a pic of your Hubby wearing a Man Philosophy shirt, I'll send you a free Inklings product!! I love seeing my readers wearing stuff that promotes Inklings, so that's my way of saying 'Thanks!'

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