Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 Ways to Add Magic to Your Child's Life

Y'all know I love movies like 'Practical Magic' and 'The Good Witch' series. I love the feeling they give- optimism, togetherness, and magic. I love magic. Each day, I try and do things with my kids that add magic to their lives; just those little things that cause them to smile, to feel good about themselves and their home life, and put them at ease.

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5 Ways to Add Magic To Your Child's Life

The world is a scary place. Turning on the television to watch the news bombards people with death, fear, and sadness. Kids are being exposed to so much more nowadays than I was as a child, and I'm seeing a growing trend of children accepting more violence and hate and becoming numb to it all.

That has to change -- immediately.

Innocence needs to be instilled back into our children; an innocence that comes with magic. Not so much the pulling a rabbit out of a hat actual magic, but the feeling that comes with watching a magician pull that bouquet of flowers out from behind someone's ear, or the innocent adrenaline rush of seeing someone get sawed in half during a magic trick -- not fear instilled by watching a person in a horror movie actually get sawed in half by the killer. Magic makes children healthily question their surroundings, gives a feeling of joy and wonderment, and lightens the mood created by this daunting world.

My kids and I live by magic. Every chance I get to create smiles on my kids' faces and bring some innocence back into their lives, I do it. My kids are 10 and 8, and I try my best to keep them every bit of their actual ages.

Here are some of the things I do for my kids, and we do as a family, to add magic to our lives:

1. Give them things to believe in.
I'm not necessarily speaking religious icons, but if that's what works for your family, then go for it. I'm talking the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. I have heard so many parents out there say that they aren't participating in passing these age-old beliefs down to their kids because it's lying to them and they don't want to lie to their children. That's hogwash, I say. Kids talk, and how difficult is it to explain to a child why one of their friends said their parents told them Santa isn't real? Very difficult for this mom, as I've had to do that before.

I'm trying to keep the innocence alive in my kids, by allowing them to believe in fantasy things, and when they get old enough, and ask me for the truth, I will tell them. But these are things children should believe in...

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