Thursday, November 1, 2012

4 Reasons I Refuse to Cut Sugar From My Kids' Diets

With Halloween now in the past, and the kids loaded up on sugar-filled candy, instead of telling my kids 'no', I'm telling them 'slow down'. Many pediatricians and nutritionists step up and say that we parents should cut sugar from our kids' diets.

I say Bollocks.

Keep sugar in your kids' diets. I do. Today's post is over at Parent Society. Here's the beginning, so enjoy!

4 Reasons I Refuse to Cut Sugar From My Kids' Diets

Years ago my family ate organic foods only. We ditched the preservative-filled easy fix meals, shopped at the local farmer's market for our fresh fruits and vegetables, only ate meat where the animals had not been treated with hormones and antibiotics, and my kids rarely had sugar. Due to budget cuts (that's putting it nicely -- we became broke, and quickly) we had to compromise with the food. Things like hot dogs (not the all-natural kind, either), corn dogs, frozen chicken tenders, Kool-Aid and boxed mac and cheese became staples in our house again. I wasn't thrilled, but I knew the financial setback was only temporary, so I just kept looking forward to the day that we'd be eating healthy again.

That time has finally arrived, and while I'm in the process of slowly replacing the cheap, easy fix meals with more natural (and unfortunately more expensive) options, I've come to realize there's one thing I refuse to cut out of my kids' diets...


That's right, I'm a mom who is refusing to cut sugar (which goes against almost everything that every pediatric doctor or nutritionist preaches). In my opinion, sugar is not evil. Extreme amounts of sugar, yes, but sugar itself is not. If you are a mom who likes to stay in control of your kids, then sugar can actually be an amazing tool of the trade. (Sounds backwards, doesn't it?) Here's why I decided to keep sugar in my kids' lives:

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  1. I like your article! You're very well spoken, my friend! I agree with you, moderation is key!