Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Names

I have seriously wondered over the years if the momentary Mom Insanity we suffer in the panic after the birth of our children has gone deeper with some celebrities when their children are born. I understand they are celebrities, but their children are still children- so why give them these absolutely ridiculous names to have all of their lives?

The folks at EverydayFamily sent me this infographic, and I couldn't stop laughing (and rolling my eyes, and my jaw kept dropping open). It's great! A huge thanks to them for sending it to me (head to their site to sign up for a FREE account with them to get access to great parenting articles). - Celebrity Baby Names
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  1. Oh dear. Jayden.
    Or Jaydan.
    Or Jaden.

    Either way - that is the one name that really boggles my brain. And I've met girls named that too. In fact, there was a period of several months where I met around six new babies ALL named Jayden. Seriously.

  2. There is a Jaedyn in my son's class and she's a girl. I am a name snob. Maxwell is not a girls name and never will be. They are just girls with a boy name to me and their parents suck at naming.
    And you forgot those that name their children after states, pretty sure a celebrity has a kid named Tennessee. Though I shouldn't talk, my son's name is also a city in at least two different states, oops. It's still a bad ass name.