Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Working, Not Playing, Thank You

On this Monday morning, Inklingers, I vent.

I am a stay-at-home mom, yes. I am a blogger, yes. My kids are on Fall Break this week (which started Friday), and I swear, if I hear a certain phrase one more time, there's a decent chance the kids will be ordered to remain in their rooms all week, where I will feed them pancakes that have been slid under the door.

Mom's on the computer... again.

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Holy freaking crap, kids, give me a break.

  1. You aren't supposed to be here, anyway. You are supposed to be in school. Whoever thought a Fall Break was a good idea needs to have all of the kids in the school district come hang out at their house for the week.
  2. I am not playing on the computer. I am working. I can't remember the last time I played on the computer. 
  3. You are the kids, I am the mom. If I want to stay on the computer all freaking day, playing Bejeweled if I so choose, I will do so. Keep your mouths shut.
There is this huge bone of contention in my house about the time I spend on the computer, and what I'm doing on the computer, and to be quite honest, it pisses me off. Hubby has stated his side of it, I have argued my side, and he has just come to accept it. But, many tears have been shed on my end because of it.

Why cry? To risk sounding like a misunderstood, pampered artist, they don't understand, and it frustrates me. 

On a normal day, after the kids are at school, I make my cup of coffee and then grab the laptop. For the next 3-4 hours, I work. Yes, I call it work. I am answering emails to readers, to advertisers about their terms, and to websites who want something from me (or for me to do something for them). I am writing guest posts for other blogs and websites. I am negotiating with sponsors to get their ads run on my blog. I am writing blog posts for my site. I am networking and getting Inklings closer and closer to being a household name. And I am working on a huge project right now that hopefully I will be able to reveal to everyone later this week. 

I am not playing on this damn computer. Not once do I pull up a game and just zone out for a little while. Not once am I surfing the web for the latest shoes to buy. I spend 3-4 hours a day working, but for some reason, no one in this house sees it.

The kids don't think it's working because I don't leave the house. Hubby doesn't think it's working because I
don't bring home a paycheck. That's where the frustration lies the most, and the tears start. 

I asked Hubby last week, when the kids said something about me grabbing the computer again (I had a very important email from a website that I will tell y'all about later this week to which I needed to reply), what was it going to take for the kids, and him, to understand that I'm not playing around, that this isn't a hobby anymore, that I am working all day?

Apparently when my big project pans out, that's when my family will understand that I work during the day. Even though I don't want to jinx myself right now by letting y'all know what this big project is, let's just say it could take up to a year to pan out. A year. I may have to wait a freaking year for my family to get off my ass about the amount of time I spend in front of the computer. 

I'm ready to scream. 

The even more messed up thing about this whole subject matter, is Hubby even commented on all of the crazy amazing stuff that is coming up for Inklings. Everyday, he comes home and I have new, exciting information to share with him about an article that is being featured here, or a post that got great reviews there. Does he think this stuff just happens? Sometimes yes, people luck into a post that goes viral. But for the most part, no, it takes an ass load of work to make things happen in the writing/blogging community. Good grief it takes some elbow grease. So, he sees more results, but then comments on the amount of time I spend on the computer. You can't have results without putting in the work. 

With the kids being home this week, and actually seeing what I do, you'd think there would be some more understanding in this family. Yeah, okay. Maybe that shit happens on an after school special, or an 80s family oriented sitcom, but not in real life. The kids will even come over, sit next to me on the couch, see I have an email tab open, a facebook tab open, a twitter tab open, a wikipedia tab open, 2 parenting sites tabs open, my blog tab open, watch me click from one to the other, cutting and pasting and typing 90 miles an hour, and they'll say, Mom's playing on facebook, again. WTF, really? I never even touched the facebook tab the 10 minutes they were watching me. I was writing two articles, citing wikipedia as a reference, and emailing them to various parenting sites- they watched me do it, and yet, I still get brushed off.

Honestly, all of this has made me want a house even more. Fingers crossed we have less than a month to go before we move, and there is a room in our new house that is going to be all mine. I'm putting up book shelves, getting a desk and an art area set up, and that's going to be my oasis. I will have a place to work, to create art, and to just be myself. No children allowed, and if I am in there, on the computer, it will be understood that I am working. My family will have a new found respect for me as a writer, and now a work-from-home mom, and life will be great.

A mom blogger can dream, can't she? 

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  1. Oh, girl... I feel you! It's a weekly argument, at my house.

    1. ... they sure don't seem to mind when the money pops into the PayPal account though ;)

    2. That does seem to shut them up a bit, lol.