Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beauty Box 5- Get Yours Now!!

Okay, Inklingers, an amazing product has fallen into my hands, so I want to pass it onto you. There are tons of beauty subscription boxes out there, but Beauty Box is quickly climbing up the rankings as being women's favorite.

Never heard of Beauty Box or even the beauty subscription box concept? I hadn't either, until I lived with my sister. She loved makeup (as do I), and signed up with a beauty box subscription service. Basically, you pay anywhere from $10-$20 a month (depending on the company), and they send you a box each month with makeup, lotion, face care, hair care (and more) samples that value well over $50 (many times upwards of $100). These are samples that the companies generally charge for, and many times you get an actual full sized product instead of just a sample. When that little box comes in the mail, everyone in our apartment used to get excited (she gave me the stuff in the box that she didn't think she'd try). Hell, she even got tea to drink one month. It was awesome!

Beauty Box is a great way to try samples from many different beauty companies before buying their products. Y'all know I like samples. It's just $12 a month if you sign up for them to deliver to you monthly (more for quarterly or yearly), but admit it- it's worth $12 to have a little surprise, that's all yours, mailed to your door each month.

So, if you are interested, give Beauty Box a try.

Below the picture is a video from youtube of one of Beauty Box's subscribers doing a review of Beauty Box. It's pretty awesome all of the things she got in her box!

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