Monday, October 15, 2012

2 Years of Finding Humor in the Chaos of Motherhood

I'm not sure if this would be a blogrthday or a blogiversary, but either way you look at it, Inklings is now 2 years old!

Good grief, the last two years have been a roller coaster that has led to awesomeness. And I am amazed at how far Inklings has come, how many people read it, and what it has developed into.

I have something special planned to celebrate Inklings' birthday, but as I'm currently having technical difficulties, it will be something posted later this week. We aren't sure if our main laptop got a virus or decided to no longer work after Hubby slammed the thing closed, but either way I'm running off of our back up laptop for now while we get all of our files off of the hard drive of the main laptop, and see about buying a new one. All I have to say is thank goodness for our back up laptop, and for nerds at Hubby's work.

I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who reads Inklings on a regular basis. Y'all are amazing, and I am so thankful for each of you! For those that also vote (by clicking that little banner below) each day, y'all seriously rock! Y'all will see in a moment how much you do!

This post is just going to be a celebration of how Inklings has developed in the last 2 years. If you are new here, I'll include some links to various articles from the past. If you've read since day one, you get to see the evolution of this blog (it surprised me!). So, enjoy!

In 2 Years The Inklings of Life Has:

  • Had 8 articles featured on (The list is in the right sidebar.)
  • Grown to 709 Likes on facebook, when we just got to the first 100 in April of 2012.
  • Mentioned the Zombie Apocalypse in 9 different articles- Seriously, y'all need to start preparing now, and don't forget to stock up on pads and tampons
  • Been in the Top 25 over at Top Mommy Blogs since April 25th, 2012. We wavered a bit here and there until June 2012, and have been steadily climbing to a present high of #15 reached on October 14, 2012. Those who vote each day make me the happiest blogger ever, as this is quite an accomplishment for a blog of this size.
  • Had one post, 100 Years of Mom Style, noticed by a writer for Babble and The Huffington Post, where she featured it on both sites.
  • Mentioned Ryan Gosling in 8 different posts here on the blog, and once in an article written for Mamapedia.
  • Had 3 interviews with various websites as a featured Mom blogger, including, , and Mommy TLC (no longer available).
  • Moved 2000 miles cross-country... twice.
  • Grown to over 200 email subscribers, over 200 Google followers, and over 200 Twitter followers
  • Been named a top 100 parenting site by 2 different websites (links in right sidebar)
  • Had 2 vlog posts (another one coming very soon)
Good gracious, when you lay it all out like that, I'm pretty damn shocked and happy!!

So, for those who have just recently found Inklings, and for those who need some hilarious refreshers, here are some of Inklings' top articles:

The First Post: Chaos 101

The Most Commented Post: My Excuses for Not Looking Like Maria Kang After Having Children

Hubby's Favorite Post (that he didn't write): Dear 16 Year Old Me...

My Favorite Post (well, one of them): The World's Oldest Profession

Again, I'd love to thank everyone who has made this ride so far as amazing as it's been, and I can promise y'all that it only gets better from here. I have a vlog post in the making for later this week as a thank you to all who have supported Inklings and helped it get to where it is today. So, be sure to check out for that!

And, for those who have gotten to the end of this post, I have a surprise for y'all, too. I'll let you all in on a little secret...


(Shhhhh.... lean closer so I can whisper in your ear....) I'm writing a book.

Yep, it's still in the initial stages, but thanks to the amazing emails I've gotten in the last 2 years encouraging me to write a book, I've taken the plunge. I'm pretty excited, and will keep y'all up to date with its status!

Thanks again to everyone for the last 2 years, and may we have many more years of my craziness (and before the Zombie Apocalypse hits us- hahaha! That makes 10 posts now!)

Don't forget to hit that banner down there. I'd love to see how high we can get on Top Mommy Blogs!!

If you enjoy Inklings, please take a second to just click the banner below. Each click = 1 vote, and you can vote once per 24 hours. I do happy dances when people vote!

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