Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sexpot Style Apron for the Home Divas

When I fall in love with something, I have to share it. I could not pass up sharing this with y'all. It'll be a quick post today, and if you are fans of the facebook page, yes, I've been sharing these a bunch lately. But, I absolutely love them and have to pass them on, especially considering the sale is only lasting 3 days! I think there's a bunch of y'all that would love them too! They have one with a cupcake on it (that's mine- I'm ordering as soon as Hubby gets home with the debit card... I knew I should have memorized the card number months ago, damnit), cutesy skulls, very retro polka dot designs, zebra print, and so much more.

Want to glamorize your kitchen routine? Jessie Steele aprons and kitchen accessories provide a feminine and glam look for your latest and greatest kitchen endeavor! Whether you're feeling homey or sexy, there's an apron, oven mitt or pot holder waiting for you! Snag the Courtney Apron in Quilted Floral at 70% OFF! With your $10 NEW MEMBER CREDIT, you'll get this adorable piece for only $12!

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Sneekpeeq is the company, too, that's giving the Bed of Roses earrings free with your first purchase. It's FREE and easy to sign up for an account with them using your facebook, and the more items you peeq at, the more discounts you get!

This sale is only lasting 3 days, which is why I decided to pass it onto y'all!

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