Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quality Time for Couples (A He Said/She Said Post)

A few months ago, Hubby and I co-wrote a He Said/She Said post on the Top 6 Reasons for a No Questions Asked, Immediate Divorce.

It's that time again, Inklingers. Hubby and I have some things we need to sort through, and there's no better place to hash this out than my blog.

Today's battle argument debate is centered around Quality Time: What constitutes it, how is it best spent, and what doesn't qualify? As before, my answers will be first (no rebuttals this time), and then Hubby will have the floor.

Quality Time for Couples (Tatted Mom Style)
  1. Cuddling on the Couch Watching an Emotional Movie. Nothing says love more than 'The Notebook', with all of its tears, hope and pure emotion. I could even go with a romantic comedy, like 'Crazy Stupid Love' so that Hubby and I are laughing together as well. Get a warm blanket to cuddle under, wrapped in each others arms, laughing and having our heartstrings tugged... a perfect evening! (And no, this has nothing to do with sitting around watching Ryan Gosling movies all night...) 
  2. Working on a Puzzle Together. It builds our teamwork skills, we get to sit close to one another, help each other out with our particular puzzle areas, and just enjoy spending time together. I've mentioned before our competitive nature, so every once in a while you'll hear a 'Quit hogging all the red pieces' or 'Were you seriously just hiding that piece from me, Assmunch?' but it's all in the name of creating something as a couple. 
  3. Shopping. Yes, to me, shopping can be considered quality time. Even if Hubby is accompanying me on one of my mega coupon grocery store visits, as long as we are spending time together (and he's not adding crap to my cart that's not on sale or I don't have a coupon for), it's quality time. Shopping trips always have the potential for 'nothing fights' (please tell me y'all are Dane Cook fans- he has a skit where he talks about 'nothing fights' that couples get into about jelly- funny stuff, hit play below), but when you've been separated for 3 years and haven't had 'nothing fights', you miss them...

  4. Cooking Dinner Together. Feeding a family each night can be a time-consuming task, so help in the kitchen is always appreciated by a mom. If that help is the love of our life, where we can talk about our day and have someone to chop vegetables and unload the dishwasher, then that's an added bonus. Plus, I love it when Hubby comes up behind me, wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my neck while I'm cooking. Not while I'm draining boiling water from noodles, though. That resulted in a burned foot...
  5. Alone Time in the Bedroom. After the kids are well asleep, the house straightened, the TV on (for sound distraction) and we still have time to get enough sleep after everything is done, yes, sexy time is definitely a quality time point for couples. Making love can be the ultimate expression of love for one another, so I do feel this is important for couples. 
Quality Time for Couples (Hubby Style)

  1. Cuddling on the Couch Watching Football.  It's not that I don't like cuddling on the couch while watching 'The Notebook'.  It's just, I don't like cuddling on the couch watching 'The Notebook'.  Now, football on the other hand, we can laugh, cry, yell, etc...Where else can we share such an emotional roller coaster?? 
  2. Alone Time in the Bedroom.  I agree with what she said in this case.  There really isn't anything that gets a couple closer in a physical and, in some ways, an emotional way.  
  3. Alone Time in the Living Room.  Just like in the bedroom.  Sometimes you need to spice things up or get a change of scenery.  It proves to be a little tricky with kids, but that's what grandparents are for.  
  4. Alone Time in the Car.  Just like in the bedroom and living room.  Sometimes you need to spice things up even more.  Make sure you find a nice secluded parking lot and teach your lady how to drive a stick!!
  5. Alone Time in the Shower.  As a couple, we can talk in the shower, get clean in the shower, get dirty in the shower, get clean in the shower and maybe get dirty in the shower again...If you wash my back, I'll wash yours.

I guess it's plain to see how guys define 'quality time'. Good grief...

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  1. So funny and accurate.

  2. hahaha I have been laughing about hiiiis answers sooooo much hahaha. but that's how we are. something I would add, going out without the kids.

  3. This cracked me up! I'm gonna need more he said/she said posts. Pronto.

    Also, did you marry my husband? Because I am pretty sure those are his answers ;) haha