Sunday, September 9, 2012

Potty Training in Public? Utah Mom Thinks It's Okay

Friday morning, the morning radio show I listen to covered a story that made my jaw drop.

A woman was enjoying her lunch at a deli in Utah, and happened to look over to a nearby table where a mom and her twin girls were sitting. At first, Kimberly Decker thought the girls were sitting on a booster seat. When she really looked at things, she realized the girls were sitting on potty-training chairs, with their pants pulled down, and were using the potties, in public, as they ate...

Utah Potty Training Child, picture courtesy of
Mojo In the Morning
Yeah, you read that right. Decker immediately took a picture and posted it on her facebook, and wrote about it on her family blog. Both the facebook picture and her blog post have since been removed, but it was too late- the picture and the story made its way around the internet. To date, the woman, and her children, have yet to be identified.

The deli received several complaints about the potty training child, but the mom and her kids had already left before the staff was made aware of it. From what the morning show reported, health services was contacted about the incident, but no violations were going to be filed against the restaurant because it wasn't their fault.

Now that all of the facts are out of the way, let's get to the good stuff...

What in the hell is wrong with people nowadays? What in the world would possess a mother to strip her child down naked in a public restaurant and have the child use the potty while eating?

While initially I bestowed The Laziest Mom Award to this mother, I had to take it back. This woman, while yes, lazy enough to not actually take her children to the bathroom in a public place, had to take the potty chairs out of the car, drag them into the restaurant and set them up, instead of just taking her child to the bathroom and putting her on a real toilet. So, the woman isn't technically lazy.

What she is, without a doubt, is inconsiderate, disgusting, selfish, disrespectful and yes, I seriously doubt the quality of her parenting ability.

I understand, as mothers, we are not supposed to judge other mothers, but come on. If this woman is going to strip her kids naked in a restaurant and have them fill a potty at the table, she's asking for people to stick their noses in her business.

Potty training is difficult, yes. From what I understand, this woman was at the restaurant with her twins; 2
kids potty training outnumber 1 mom, yes. But to think that it would be okay to have your kids potty train at the table while they are eating is not acceptable. Especially when the table they are eating at is in a public restaurant. 

What it boils down to is that the woman didn't want to be inconvenienced while she scarfed down her fast food. If the possibility of one or both, of her kids needing to go to the bathroom before she finished her meal arose, she'd be prepared... with a potty... and stripping them down naked... in public... to use the potty at the table... while they ate. Hell, that's much easier than gathering the food in a bag and taking her kids to the restroom. Who cares if it makes the people around her get up and leave the restaurant? Who cares if smelling kid crap while you eat isn't something pleasurable? Who cares if everyone in the restaurant is made uneasy by toddlers being naked and using the potty right in front of them? Who cares if the restaurant could have been slapped with a huge health violation? Who cares, as long as this woman got to eat her meal without having her 2 year old's bowel movements interrupt that?

If I had twins at the potty-training age, I'm pretty sure I would have just gotten the food to go. I can't judge her on that, though. Sometimes we moms just want to get out of the house, so that, I can understand. But you are a mom. It's part of the job to be inconvenienced by your 2 year old's bowel movements. It's part of the job to have your meal interrupted by something that your children need of you. It's part of the job to protect your kids at all costs, and stripping them down naked to use the bathroom in front of a whole restaurant of strangers is not protecting them.

Do I even need to touch on how training your kids to use the bathroom while they eat will train the body to need to use the bathroom while you eat (if done enough)? Does this woman want her 23 year old twins, down the road, to not be able to eat in public because for some reason, whenever little Sally sits down to eat her chicken nuggets in a restaurant, she has the overwhelming urge to crap? Isn't part of potty training teaching the child to know when the feeling hits that they have to use the bathroom, to let you know when that feeling hits, but to also have simple control over when and where they decide to use the bathroom? If you are allowing your kids to defecate while they eat, that's not teaching them control at all.

And for crying out loud, if you are taking your children to a restaurant, and have thought through the process of taking in their potty training chair to use at the table in case they need to go, then have the damn forethought to dress your kid in a 2 piece outfit so the child isn't completely naked while using the potty at the table. This mom could have gained 1 point back in her favor, but no- one piece jumper it is.

So, instead of giving this woman The Laziest Mom Award, I have decided to give her The Most Selfish Mom Award. She put her wants and wishes above her kids' needs, above the level of common courtesy that should be bestowed on people around you, above her duties as a mother. Her desire to not be inconvenienced during her meal skyrocketed her to the top of the Stupidest Parenting Practices list, as well.

Seriously, every day that goes by, I fear the world is getting closer and closer to being like the movie "Idiocracy". There's a scene in that movie where the guy is sitting in his recliner and when he goes to get up, he has to pull his pants up because the recliner has a built in toilet. Good grief. This is the second time in the last month I have had to reference that movie as being the way the world is headed (the first time, being in the Here Comes Honey Booooooooooo! post). If you haven't seen it, you really must. Stupid people are taking over, and this movie is getting closer and closer to being a reality.

I guess we can look on the bright side, though. If society is going to accept potty training at the table in a public restaurant, before we know it, we adults will be able to use the bathroom while eating in a public restaurant, too. How easy would that be? Food goes in, food comes out... in public... while eating... with the strangers watching you. Sounds so appealing, doesn't it?

Excuse me while I go vomit...

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  1. Voted.
    Also - damn good rant! Being British wouldn't be able to say all this myself (stiff upper lip and all that) so good to see someone has the necessary skills! Would never have considered doing this when L was potty training - I think "stupedist mum ever" award should be given!
    PS. steer clear of the restaurant - don't want a repeat performance on here! lol

  2. If you can't be bothered to take your potty training kids to the bathroom, put a $%*@# pull-up on them! Good lord...