Friday, September 28, 2012

Momma's Law (An Ink Blots Post)

First day of Fall Break for my kids, I turned the alarm clock off last night so that I could sleep in, and it just so happened that when Hubby kissed me goodbye at 5:15am on his way to work, I woke up... and haven't been able to get  back to sleep since.

I gave up the fight, trudged off to the kitchen to make coffee, so I could have some Mom Time of peace and quiet before the kids woke up, and there is The Ginger sitting in the dark, on the sofa, playing his Gameboy (yes, we still have those). Not even 6am yet.

This is the same child that I have to practically jump on his bed to get him up on school mornings at 6:15am. But here he was, first day of Fall Break, sitting on the couch, playing video games before the sun had even thought about coming up.

Irony doesn't do well with me before I've had my coffee, thank you.

I've come to realize there is something out there much more powerful, and more prevalent than Murphy's Law, which states, Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

It's Momma's Law, which states, Whatever a child can do to mess up plans, a child will do to mess up plans.

So, here I am, on my spot on the couch, cup of fresh coffee, catching up on several writing assignments, passing around the word that my 5 Things Stay-at-Home Moms Do Not Sign on For post is being featured on Blogher today, and answering emails, I'm listening to:

"No. Yes! Come ON, MARIO, jump! Yes! Noooooooo, don't hit me with that lightning bolt. Yes! Gotcha, sucker!"

And I will remind you that it's not even 7 in the morning yet. So much for quiet Mom Time, huh? Good grief, this Fall Break is going to last forever...

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  1. I am very happy that we don't have fall break here! Some weekends I think that Saturday should be a school day. And it is a kid law. My son get's up at 7:20 to get on the bus at 8:20, now if he got up the first time he could sleep another 20mins. But anyway he is ALWAYS the first on up on the weekends or day's off. He is usually up before 7am and this means that on the only day's of the week that I don't really have to be up and ready I have to get up at 6am to enjoy a cup of coffee (rarely happens).

    1. This is the first year of this Fall Break, and I'm going to be sure to fill out the survey when it's done, lol. It seems to be a common thing, and seems to be a boy thing. The Girl is still sleeping, lol. She won't roll out of bed until 9 or 10, probably, lol.

  2. We don't have fall break, Thank God. So much for mommy time and peace. :(