Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Break??? (Ink Blots Post)

I just found out that my kids have a Fall Break in less than a month.

I'm sorry, I wasn't aware I had 2 college students.

This Fall Break is the first week of October, which actually starts for them on the last Friday of September. They have over a week off of school, and this comes after the week where they get out every day at 11 am for Parent/Teacher Conferences.

This school system is really starting to piss me off.

What school under college level has a Fall Break? Fall Break has always been the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving for me when I was growing up. What's this crap of it being in October, and an entire week? This is absolutely new territory for me. I couldn't understand why the other moms at the PTO meeting were saying that this current fundraiser would last until the 21st, which would give the kids one week to get the fundraiser packets back before Fall Break.

I honestly just thought they couldn't read a calendar correctly. Oops.

I understand that budget cuts have run rampant in our educational system. But how are my kids supposed to benefit at all when the school day is only from 7:40am to 1:55pm every day except every Wednesday, where they get out at 12:55pm? I had to go from 7:40am to 3:05pm. They start school at the beginning of August just to get a week out in the beginning of October... how about we just don't have the kids start school on August 2nd, when it's 152 degrees here in Arizona, and we omit this unnecessary Fall Break? My kids aren't burned out yet. They don't need a week break to wreck my nerves. Make them wait until the week of Thanksgiving to have a break like I did growing up, and everyone else had to. It builds character.

The state of the education system is getting ridiculous. I'm not completely sure if it's the budget cuts that are to blame, or society babying this new generation. All that would have needed to happen is for one kid somewhere to say they needed a break in October and the parents sued the school system for not giving little Billy a break after 2 months of school. It's ridiculous.

And as a result, I'm going to be driven crazy by my kids the first week of October. Yay! How fun is that?!

Not if I can help it. We'll have an intensive week of art lessons and reading... quietly... in their rooms... maybe with some survival lessons thrown in... "Mommy's in her blog writing time of the day... you know, when y'all are supposed to be in school? Figure out lunch for yourselves."

Yeah, I'm mentally preparing myself now.

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  1. It sounds like your school is on a modified year-round schedule like ours. Our school started when you guys did, but even with our Fall Break we have more school days than a traditional school calendar. I like our break. It gives us a chance to go somewhere at an off-peak travel time when prices aren't as high and places aren't as busy. Aren't you guys moving soon? Make it a packing week!

    1. We are moving, but fortunately for us, the military is moving us. I'm sure the kids and I will get out and do something; it's too short of notice for Hubby to take leave, dangit.

  2. Wait. You're moving? Not just moving on base? Oh, you're moving into house, so the military is moving you? Please tell me that's what we're talking about.

    Anyway, you didn't have fall break in that ass backward state you moved from? Every state we've lived in since the kiddos started school and I started paying attention to such crap has fall break, including Oklahoma, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia (maybe not Virginia...) and now Kentucky. And it sucks. Why the hell do they have fall break? Now, I can almost understand taking a full week of at Thanksgiving, which is what they did in one of the states we lived in, I just can't remember which one. Even that is irritating. They're going to get at least two weeks of vacation just one month later. Then, they'll have a day off here, a day off there. Before you know it, the kid of mine that desperately needs routine is thrown all to hell. Yeah, I think it's bull.

    1. LOL, yeah, we're moving on base, so the military is moving us. No more huge moves for this woman for a while (fingers crossed, lol).

      Nope, Virginia didn't have a Fall Break, but I think the kids got out the entire week of Thanksgiving. They also had 3 weeks at Christmas instead of 2, but no break in October... which is when my sanity will disappear for a week.