Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Open Letter to the Anonymous Hackers

Dear Anonymous Hackers,

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Yesterday, you set your sights on GoDaddy.com in order to test how secure cyber security really is. Well played, you had me scared for a little while. More than scared, you had me pissed off, because apparently many of the websites I attend on a daily basis were hosted by GoDaddy and affected by this hack.

I googled you, Anonymous. Your organization (though having no leader, no form of communication, no organization at all) has taken responsibility for the Playstation Network outage of 2011, the Church of Scientology website hack of 2008, the hacking of Sarah Palin's personal email account in 2008, the hacking of the Vatican website earlier this year, and have immersed yourselves in various political sabotage attempts in third world countries over the years. All pretty impressive, inconvenience people greatly and some were amusing, none of these were at all helpful, Anonymous.

I currently am in debt... majorly in debt. See, I owned a New Age store in the Bible Belt for a few years that inevitably went under and took with it... my credit score. I'm just throwing this idea out there... how about hack into something like, say, the central database for debt collectors, and remove my name from their list? Remove my name and 1,000,000 other people's names in an effort to Stick it to The Man like you all like to do so well. The other 999,999 names (besides mine) can of course, be random, or take some of y'alls names off the list... I'm sure many of you are in debt to computer supply companies. Hell, even pay off that Best Buy card that you've racked up buying various World of Warcraft games and XBox games (because it's clear you all don't like Playstation), or those stylish Guy Fawkes masks you wear to protests.

Why do this, Anonymous? It would cause debt collectors to crumble, big businesses to fear their records
being hacked into, would help out the little people all over the US who are crippled with debt and, well, because I really would like this debt to be gone. I can't pay it, as the store inventory is all but gone and paying it with my personal money would mean my family doesn't eat. My store, my dream, went down when the economy tanked, so help out someone like me, Anonymous.

More specifically, help out me, Anonymous. Me, and 999,999 other people who are in debt just like me. Be helpful to the people of the US, to the masses, to the economy. And more importantly, do something that would piss the big money collectors off to no extent.

Just a thought. Hopefully you all will give it some consideration. And, if you need some more specific names of other people whose debt we'd like you to erase, just let me know. I'm sure I can come up with a few.

Tatted Mom

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  1. You can add my name to the list. And what a perfectly brilliant idea. :D

    1. Thanks! Let's just hope Anonymous helps out, lol.