Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Cleanse (Ink Blot Post)

Hubby and I have decided to do a pretty dumb thing this weekend. We decided to go on a liver cleanse.

Yeah, we're not too bright this weekend.

Y'all know my love of documentaries, right? And how I'm always obsessing about researching stuff. I research everything. Well, lately I've been researching weight loss, healthy living, exercising, etc. I've watched so many documentaries on the subject, and this week, in my internet research, the information in the documentaries finally crossed paths with my internet research, in a way, validating it for me. (If it's in a documentary and in several articles posted online by different people, it must have some truth to it- my line of thinking, anyway.) This information?

Juicing to clean your liver out. I started reading the side effects of a clogged up liver, and it's Hubby and I, to a T. I read the symptoms out to Hubby and his eyes just got bigger and bigger. Then I asked him if he'd be willing to go on a liver cleanse with me for this weekend, which meant he could use his juicer all weekend. With that, he agreed (the man loves his juicer).

Fatigue, a 'spare tire' around your middle, inability to lose weight, eczema and cellulite are all symptoms of a clogged liver. Unclogging the liver can be done several ways (one of them being that stupid lemon water/maple syrup/cayenne pepper fad- no thank you), but the best way is filling your diet with beets, carrots, apples, dark green leafy veggies, and avocados.

Basically, you're filling your diet with crappy fruits and vegetables- and I mean that literally. Cleansing your liver makes you detox your system, to put it nicely.

Yes, a liver cleanse is supposed to go on for like 4-7 days, but we're only doing it for two. Neither of us
feels like crapping ourselves during the week while he's at work and I'm running errands. It's better than nothing, in my opinion.

Yes, you aren't supposed to drink coffee with a liver cleanse, but I find myself enjoying my last cup for the weekend this morning. I love my coffee, damnit, and I'm having my last hurrah cup.

So, wish us luck. I'll let y'all know how it goes. Hubby and I, while we have the best intentions at heart, we are pretty sure we aren't going to complete this cleanse this weekend. Nothing but juice for 2 days? I see me craving a turkey burger something fierce tomorrow. But I plan on introducing some of the liver cleansing solid foods to eat, like nuts or an actual salad if I start to feel myself want to give up. As long as I'm only consuming the liver cleanse foods, I should be good. I'm gonna miss my dairy, though. And my coffee.

What are we anticipating? Well, as Hubby so eloquently put it last night before we went to sleep, "Here's to crapping ourselves for the next 2 days."


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