Monday, August 13, 2012

Smile for the Wall Art! ( Review)

I recently received an email from about reviewing one of their photo-to-canvas products. I have always wanted to have one of these made, but unfortunately never have, and with so many companies out there and not knowing which ones are good and which ones aren't, I gave Photo-Canvas a try.

It was the best decision I've made in a long time.

I was told to head to their website,, and upload a picture I wanted made into a canvas. The hardest part of this entire process was trying to figure out which picture I wanted to use. We had family pictures done at Christmas, and ordered a huge 16x20 of the main family picture, so I didn't really want that to be my canvas. I decided Hubby and I needed our own work of art.

I headed to their website and uploaded my picture. It really was super easy. I also saw an option for creating your own pop art, collages, and adding messages to the front or back of the canvas (described on their Products page). The ideas are limitless. You could have one of your toddler's drawings turned into a canvas work of art. You could have your kids turned into an Andy Warhol-esque center piece for your living room. They even make those 3 paneled canvas pieces that I love so much.

I placed my order on a Saturday for a 12"x16" canvas of Hubby and I. I got email notification on Tuesday that it had already shipped and the tracking number included said it would be delivered Wednesday morning. The company is located in England, Inklingers. They created my photo canvas, packaged it, shipped it and it arrived in 3 business days. That, to me, was completely unheard of. I honestly didn't think it would be high quality with a production rate that fast.

I was proven wrong. The canvas arrived on a Wednesday morning, and the first thing I noticed is it was heavy. I'm going to let y'all in on a secret. I used to work for a nationally-known cookie cutter photography
place located at probably every mall in the US. The company I worked for was one of the first to start doing canvas art. This canvas I got in the mail from was extremely high quality, even compared to the ones I sold at the photography studio. And the best part? They are more than half the price.

Wait. Did I just say better quality than a nationally known photography studio and cheaper? Yeah, I did.

The canvas was absolutely gorgeous (didn't hurt to have such amazing models). Heavy duty, soft looking, not  grainy or fuzzy- simply amazing.

It is so well made, too. I can't stress that enough. The wooden frame isn't flimsy or made of cheap, thin wood. It's heavy wood, sturdy, and the canvas attached to it isn't the cheap stuff, either. I included a photo of the back to the right, so you all could see for yourselves that it's not weak.

Overall, seriously impressed me. Hubby and I are already trying to figure out what we want to do as one of their Triptych Canvas Prints. I definitely recommend them to my readers. Between the amazing quality, the great customer service and the fast shipping, I don't see why anyone in the market for photo canvases wouldn't shop with

U.S. readers- keep in mind when you go to order, they are a UK company, so the prices are in British pounds. But, considering they are running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal right now, they are still an amazing deal. And for my UK readers, they do free mainland shipping. Even more reason to shop with them!!

So go, figure out what pictures you want to upload to create into canvas works of art (remember, you can get 3 for the price of 2). They also have an option to pull the pictures directly off of your facebook. This company has thought of everything. I recommend getting your pictures done at one of the cookie cutter photography studios like the one I worked at, buying the cheapest package that gets you a CD, and ordering your fine art piece from using your CD images. Seriously, don't waste your money on getting the photo canvases from anywhere else. This is the best place you could go!

*This review is 100% my own. No one paid me for my opinion. I received the canvas from for free to review, but they wanted my complete and honest opinion, good or bad. The review above is my personal opinion of's product, customer service and website.

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  1. That is so cool. I keep thinking I'll get some of my favorite photos turned into canvas. Maybe I will now.

  2. This is awesome! Your review is so positive - might have to go and check them out.. :)

  3. If y'all are new to Inklings, you'll know it takes a lot for me to do a review of something. I've been blogging for 2 years now and have only done 2 product reviews where a company contacted me about my honest opinion. I've done 2 reviews myself of just stuff I like, so that definitely says something!

  4. I still love your blog and read it as much as possible! I gave you a little award called the Versatile Blogger Award so go on over and read about it!