Monday, August 6, 2012 Interview

Today, my interview with posted. The intro alone made me cry some serious tears. That made my whole week!

Brooke Griffin wrote, "Motherhood is chaotic. If you get swept up in the madness, you may just miss out on the humor of it all. That’s where Tatted Mom comes in. Her convictions are strong, but her humility is even stronger....The Inklings of Life has great advice and it’s all delivered in a sarcastic, yet thought-provoking manner. "

Major waterfall of tears, I don't think anyone has ever said such amazing words about Inklings or me. Thank you so much, Brooke!!

So, go check out the interview for yourself!

And don't forget to click that banner below, too. We keep slipping down the ranks, and I'm not good slipping. Things get hurt, then they get video taped and put on youtube... Just help stop the slipping, please!!

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