Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Reading Resources for the Home

I may have started a little late, but with the move and settling in, I'm better late than never. I wanted a fun way to encourage my kids to read this summer, so I spent a few hours scouring the internet for summer reading resources.

There were a lot, let me tell y'all. 

I wanted to include my two favorite ones here, the two I printed out for my kids to use this summer. I'm including links to them so you can head to the actual site and download them yourselves if you like them.

The first one is from the YMCA in Seattle. They have an amazing section dedicated to Making Summer Reading Fun with tips, a downloadable challenge chart (picture seen below), and reading lists for kids. I printed this one out for my kids as a way to chart daily reading. We've set our 500 point goal as one family fun activity like miniature golf or laser tag, and the 1000 point goal as an entire day of family fun activities at the local fun park. The kids are pretty excited.

Courtesy of

The second one is courtesy of Papercourt Ponderings' Summer Reading Motivation post. My kids LOVE Bingo, so when they saw this spitting out of our printer, they actually got excited. Papercourt Ponderings has
a link to download the bingo card as well as the coupons and golden tickets that accompany it. We set our coupons as easy things like 'A day without having to do chores' and 'Frozen yogurt from the self serve place', and the Golden Ticket (when they fill the entire card) as a new Lego set. So far, the kids love it, though I have to warn y'all- kids will try and cheat. We set each square at 20 minutes of reading, and my daughter emerged from her room yesterday after 20 minutes and tried to cross off 'In my room' 'On my bed' and 'On the floor'. She's sneaky, but didn't get it past me or her dad. 20 minutes per square, chica, sorry.
Courtesy of  Papercourt Ponderings
(I think she got the idea above from How Does She's Summer Reading Star Program, but every time I click that link, the page won't load for me. I've signed up for their updates and everything, and the pages won't load when I try to get to their printables site. Papercourt Ponderings' above is perfect for me.)

Yes, I even printed out charts for myself, too. I figure the best way to get the kids excited about reading is to set a good example. Plus, my Bingo coupons include a foot rub, back rub and a day without chores, too, and my Golden Ticket is being treated like a Queen for a Day. Hubby doesn't know that these are my rewards for reading yet, but I figure it's best to just hand him the coupon and put on my puppy dog face.

I hope y'all find these as helpful as I did! Enjoy!

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  1. I need to do this for mine!! I adore reading but that gene has seemed to skip my kids @ the moment, mainly the boy. My girl does great @ read-up in school, now to spread the love to home.

    1. I'm glad I could help! My kids needed to find something they actually wanted to read. Once I let them go crazy in the book store and pick out something themselves, they got excited about reading!