Sunday, July 15, 2012

How Does That Funny Phone Work?

We had one of our first family outings yesterday since the kids and I moved here. We decided to go to a farmer's market (complete bust, by the way), an antique mall, and then go walking around the mall and an organic grocery store. 6 hours spent out, as a family, enjoying the city and each other.

At the antique mall, we came across a booth with old phones in it. The Ginger started playing with a push button one, when I spotted the rotary. I asked him to figure out how to make a phone call with it, and when I saw that he struggled, I pulled out my phone (through the massive giggles) and recorded his efforts.

I had to video tape him, don't judge me. This video is hilarious to me. My grandmother had a rotary phone, and I remember having to use it to call my parents. Standing there yesterday, watching a boy who can beat 57 levels of the latest video game not be able to dial a number on a rotary phone... priceless to me.

So, here it is, the video of The Ginger struggling with a rotary phone. The video is about half the time he actually struggled with it, as I didn't bring out the video camera until he had been trying to figure it out for a few minutes.

Watching him try and decipher how this phone worked made me feel old as hell, though. Maybe next week I'll show him a cassette tape with a walkman and really make myself feel like a spring chicken again. Sheesh.

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