Monday, June 11, 2012

What Celebs Have Taught Me About a Size 6

I'm a rag mag reader. Yep, I am. I picked up one today that caught my attention because it had Kelly Clarkson and Khloe Kardashian on the front, and supposedly their weight loss secrets were on the inside.

I was curious. Don't judge me.

I read that Khloe Kardashian is claiming to be a size 6. Okay, that number seems to be very popular with celebrities when they lose weight. They all end up at a size 6, don't they? Seems to ring bells all over the place, doesn't it? That got me thinking...

What is a size 6 nowadays? According to, a standard size 6, depending on height of woman, contains a bust size of anywhere from 28.5"-35", a waist size of 22.5"-27" and a hip size of 31.5"-37". A lot of leeway off of a difference of a few inches in height. From my personal experience with clothing sizes, I'd say is spot on.

So then how in the hell do celebrities get away with all saying they are a size 6? They all can't be a damn size 6, can they?

Let's play a little pictorial game of Truth or Fail. Below are what various celebrities say is a size 6, and I'll give you my opinion as to whether it's a true size 6 or they are having their clothes specially labeled to say size 6. Man, this is going to be FUN!

Image and stats courtesy of Skinny Vs. Curvy
This isn't the rag mag I bought today, but this is when Khloe Kardashian first came out and said she was now a size 6. She still has an ass on her. I'm not sure many size 6 jeans accommodate for a larger ass. Taking into account this picture has probably been photoshopped to make her look smaller, I'm inclined to say Fail on this one. But, because she's on the smaller size, I'll give her a TRUTH.

Image and Stats courtesy of
Jennifer Hudson states that due to Weight Watchers, she went from a size 16 to a size 6. Her before
pictures seems to be a tad larger than a 16, in my opinion. And, she bares more curves that the other celebs who claim to be a size 6 as well. My verdict? I'd say she's more of an 8 or 10 because of those hips, so she's slightly on the side of  FAIL. 

Image and stats courtesy of OMG
Ricki Lake got in trouble a few years ago for stating she was a size 6. All women threw the BS flag on that one. But now, thanks to Dancing With The Stars, Ricki says she's "... definitely a size 6 now." Someone please tell me how the woman above is a size 6? Her waist is thicker than mine, and we all know I just gave away all of my size 6 jeans and got bigger ones (not an 8, either, try bigger). EPIC FAIL

Image and stats from Yahoo! TV
Move over, The Biggest Loser, because apparently Dancing With the Stars is a bigger weight loss program than what y'all are offering. Melissa Gilbert here says she went from a size 6 to a size 2. I'm not entirely sure if this picture is a before or after shot, but either way, it's not working out. DOUBLE FAIL.

Image and stats courtesy of Diet and Weight Control
I have always thrown the BS flag when it comes to Mariah Carey's size claims. This one though, back in 2011, seems legitimate to me. She's slender, curves not too curvaceous. I'd have to say, based on the picture above, she gets a TRUTH.

Image and stats courtesy of Skinny Vs. Curvy
We all remember when Jessica Simpson came out in those horrible Mom Jeans from the 80s a few years back? Good gracious, we curvier women everywhere cheered because a petite, gorgeous celebrity had joined our ranks. But, then Jessica opened her mouth and claimed that these jeans were a size 4. WTF? Get the hell out of town. Seriously. Or tell all of us where you bought these magical size 4 jeans. EPIC SHEESH FAIL

Image and stats courtesy of
Sherri Shepherd from The View claims that she went from a size 16 to a size 6 by healthy eating and a personal trainer. If this woman is a size 6, then I'm a size 0. Seriously? HOLY CRAP, REALLY? FAIL

Image and stats courtesy of Skinny Vs. Curvy

We started Truth or Fail with a Kardashian, we will end it with a Kardashian. Unfortunately though, unlike her sister Khloe, Kim Kardashian is a big ol' liar. She claimed when this picture was taken, that she was a size 4 and only 125 pounds. There is no way in hell that ass is fitting into a size 4. Her waist isn't even a size 4 in this picture, so they can't say that the waist is a 4 but the ass is a 14. Holy crap this type of stuff really urks me. SHUT YOUR FACE FAIL

When it comes to celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Mariah Carey (the above pic only), then I'd believe when they say they are a size 6. It appears that their measurements fall into the standard size 6 measurements posted in the beginning of this article.

But Jessica Simpson, Ricki Lake, Sherri Shepherd, Melissa Gilbert, Jennifer Hudson and Kim Kardashian are getting their clothes specially made with size 6 labels to make themselves feel better, I know it. Why do that? Why lie? Why not just come out and say, 'Hell no, I'm not a size 6, I'm a size 12 and I'm beautiful?' They help give into this lie that we regular, non-famous women are fed, that seeps into our subconscious minds and has us going, 'But I need to be a size 6, too, just like all of the celebrities' when in fact they aren't even a size 6. Good gracious, it's ridiculous.

All of these women above look amazing. Whether they are a true size 6 or not doesn't change the fact that many of them lost large amounts of weight, and found a weight to stick to that made them feel beautiful. So why lie and say it's a 6? To be one of the 'cool kids'? I'll let you in on a secret... the 'cool kids' haven't eaten a donut or a piece of cake in 5 years. If you come over here to the land of 'everyday women', we have coffee with cream and sugar, cheesy poofs, and pizza. And we know that you are really a size 14, and we don't give a flying crap.

So, what have celebs taught me about being a size 6? That only 1/4 of women who say they are a size 6, are really a size 6. That means that 3/4 of them aren't a size 6, which by logical reasoning means that being a size 6 isn't normal, as 'normal' is defined as the usual or average of something. 3/4 is above the average. Math doesn't lie.

There you go ladies, believe it or not celebrities have taught me that being a size 6 is not normal, and that 3/4 of women that say they are a size 6 are lying. So why should we strive for this anymore, if celebrities are lying about it? What makes a size 6 so amazing?

I will end by saying that just a few months ago, I was a size 6. Do I miss it? In honesty, sometimes, yes I do. But then I just turn around in the mirror and see the booty that came with the added sizes, and the nice curve from my waist to my hips, and I forget about the size in my jeans, or what it used to be. I'm happy in my skin, size 6 or not. I think 3/4 of the celebrities above should read a page from my book on self image.

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  1. Sizing confuses the crap out of me. I'm a size four by American/Canadian measurements but the measurements you just gave for a six are smaller than mine.

    So confusing!

    Also, in the UK, I'm a size eight, which I like a lot better than saying I'm a four because saying I'm a four generally gets really, really dirty looks from women. I'm celiac. I can't eat gluten. Even if I could, I don't like it. Gaining weight is really hard for me and, actually, being underweight is just as bothersome as being overweight.

    but I digress - this need to lie about measurements IS super baffling. I encounter so many people who also claim to be taller than they are. They state that they're five seven whilst looking me straight in my eyes and I'm 5'5".

    Seriously, I think women's sizing should follow in the footsteps of men's.
    Waist measurement and inseam for trousers. Small, medium, large, XL for tops - accounting for the bust when needed.

    Simplify! And yes, don't go with what sounds like a 'trendy' size.

    1. Ha! You find a lot of people (men) lying about their height on dating sites. Not that I ... speak from experience... or anything... ;).

      I remember the first time I went shopping for clothes in England. I pulled what I thought was my size (a 10 at the time, I think), and tried it on. It swallowed me whole, lol. I never got used to sizing over there, so I just bought 'L' stuff, lol.

  2. I just wish they made pants that made accommodations for people who have a little more in the rear, but not so much in the waist. Don't even get me started on the need for more room in the bust area for a woman with small shoulders. It is not easy to have DD boobs and small shoulders/waist. I was never so happy as to realize I had lost a little in the bust area!

    1. I'm with you on the pants one, but unfortunately I've never been gifted in the top region... except for when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, lol.

  3. For a while I was wearing a size 8 and found out that I was wearing the wrong size. I'm actually a 4/6. I'm 25 inches in the waist (the size 4 part) and 37 in the hips (The size 6 part because of my big friggin butt!)

    But I agree. Those women look fantastic the way that they are. No need to round yourself down in dress sizes.
    UHG AND WHY can't women have sizing like the men? 32, 34 , 36 ....ect...

    1. Completely agree with the men's sizes... It would make things so much easier!

  4. Something feels wrong about the measurements... or maybe with me? I don't know, my measurements are about 39-28/29-37 and 5'5", yet I fit easily into size 6. If I wear Juniors sizes, I fluctuate between 5 and 7, as well.
    Maybe I'm a bit more willing to give benefit of doubt to SOME of the people up there, because I'm sure people would guess me to be larger than I am.
    However, the obsession with numbers and sizes is disheartening. All women have different body types, there shouldn't be one uniform, "ideal" size attached to us all.

    1. There shouldn't be a uniform ideal size, I agree. The fact that we feel like we have to be uniform is disheartening, as well! Thanks for your comment!

  5. I think the smaller measurements of the size 6 you posted on here were based on the UK ones (in reality a size 0 US is 28-32" bust, 22-25" waist and 32-35" hips depending on the store) the larger measurements are actually about what a US 6 would be taking into consideration all the size inflation of nowadays as well.

  6. Yes, you have to eat food to be happy and be over a size 6, eating foods which are bad for your health and shortening your life... figures.

  7. I was just reading this blog(first time to this site) and where I absolutely agree with every word above as far as the fact that we women are being fed a bunch of hooey and we eat it up and sabotage ourselves and put so much stock in the numbers and what size we are now, what we were, and what we want to be, when what we should be doing is focusing on if we are healthy or not and whether we are hanging down good self image and self love or negative self image and love to our children. It starts with us right now, and we can change the way our daughters and sons feel about themselves going forward and I say that because that ultimately is what I wanted to comment on and I share this because I want to support all women at whatever size to be empowered as you are today and to focus on health and always be aware of the ones who are watching us and how we are influencing them! That being said(and I want this to be a positive and a reminder to us on how any off hand comments can really show us to be really underhanded when it comes to our negativity and petty comments that ultimately cut woman down and lead to silly articles in magazines and more and more of our daughters sick and suffering from eating disorders)in the blog above when speaking about Jessica Simpson I believe I read that the blogger 'cheered' at the idea of the ridicule and critical comments about another woman that did in fact choose to wear a really unflattering pair of jeans and was literally ripped to shreds for it, I mean seriously, are we really that petty? I would have had a nervous breakdown if any ONE of the MILLION comments said about her were said to me, yet she continues to put herself out there, where is any 'love' for her as a woman and new mom that we should be giving her? Or how about the fact that she lost the weight at all? That in itself is a big deal, a number of new mom's don't! I think that it probably well intended comments like the one above that truly show our own insecurities and sabotage, who needs a magazine to call you abnormal if you don't fit into their cookie cutter 'step ford wife' role when we as women are already secretly rooting for you to fail! Instead let's try focusing on loving ourselves and teaching our children to do the same, to not let ourselves get confused when thinking our self worth has anything to do with our size; but to focus on health and the idea that we want to live long happy healthy lives so we can be there for our loved ones! The poison that is meant for other woman when we are secretly rooting for them to fail is not just hurting that woman but it radiates from the person who spoke the poison to begin with! Every one is a casualty of that kind of negativity, especially our children who learn from us how to systematically cut down their friends but also themselves! Instead of focusing on a woman who puts on weight as a person to be 'cheered for joining in the ranks of those that are heavier'(forgive me if that's not a exact quote but I believe I captured the meaning)but what if all women were supportive and we instead talked about 'how great she looked while she was caring for her children', or ' how fabulous she was at balancing work and family'? We are for the most part a self ridiculing group( I hope that is a fair statement anyway)and are all fellow woman, mother, daughter, sister, we say enough mean things to ourselves, I doubt any of us need any one else to do it too! Just saying......

    1. Best comment on the page !! The comments and general media reaction to Jessica was disgusting, it's no wonder girls have a distorted body image, also it kinda teaches them fine, it's okay to rag on other women.... We should stick together ! Too much emphasis seemed placed on your size in relation to these people, OP, seems like in a way I was just an ego boost for you, sorry but I was brought up to tell the truth, and boy I will !

  8. Nice post; I happen to be an actual size 6 now, though. =) And I have found this post by googling "is size 6 fat" which I think says an awful lot about the lies the media is selling to us (and also about my self-confidence, or lack thereof).
    I just wanted to ask - may I try and translate this post into Russian for a popular Russian dieting and healthy living site? I think it would be really useful for some people there. All credits will be addressed to you, of course.

  9. After a year and a half of being on weight watchers, dieting, changing my eating and lifestyle, I am finally a size 6, and thankfully going by your measurements, truly a size 6. I honestly thought I had tried on a pair of jeans that had been labeled incorrectly, but I then went on to try a few other pair, and much to my utter glee they all fit. Problem is, I don't "magically" feel any more special being a size 6, than when I was a size 26, I have more confidence and a better selection of clothing, but all in all I thought for some reason when I hit that magic number the stars would align and my life would be perfect. Unfortunately for me that didn't happen, but what I did realize was a number on your clothes is not an indicator of your health or whether you are thin, and it certainly isn't a measurement of happiness...and just FYI, neither is the number in your bank account 😊

  10. There has been so much size inflation, and such a difference between the same size at different stores, that I have given up on misses sizes altogether. I am what used to be a size six many years ago. I can wear anything from a 0 to a 4. I now shop Jr sizes; they are much more predictable. Given that I am a Jr size 3, I'd say my true Misses size should be a 4. The two used to coordinate (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8). Not any more!