Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Rantings of a New(ish) Stay at Home Mom

Since starting Inklings, I've been through a roller coaster of a life. When I (first) found myself newly singled, I wrote an update, Quick Rantings of a New Single Mom, to let everyone know I was alive, and, well, not perfect (I lost The Ginger in an airport). Then, when I found myself (again) newly singled after yet another curve ball of life a little while later, I posted, well, Quick Rantings of a New Single Mom... Part 2 (catchy title, huh?), to let everyone know that I was getting back into blogging, and that I was still not perfect (I lost The Ginger in a gas station, that time).

In keeping with tradition, here it is, though not within in the first few days of becoming a stay at home mom again. Guess it's because I didn't lose The Ginger anywhere.

In my first week of being a stay at home mom, I successfully:

  1. Spent 24 hours of the first 48 hours here sick as a dog, nausea, vomiting, the whole 9 yards. In the midst of stumbling back from one of my (many) bathroom trips in that 24 hours, I stubbed my pinky toe on the coffee table and broke it. So, that led to me hobbling around on my first day of recovery. The day after that I hit a major bought of vertigo and ended up sleeping for pretty much the entire evening because any time I attempted to stand up, the room spun like I had been drinking vodka all day, and I didn't want to risk breaking another toe. The day after that I woke up with stabbing pains in my abdominal region, which I suffered through in the name of Target and a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks. I'm heading to the doctor on Monday, don't worry, and so far today I've felt fine (fingers crossed, please don't jinx me).
  2. Cooked 3 meals. Yep, only 3 meals in a week, and I'm a stay at home mom. Don't judge me, read #1 right there. 
  3. Banished my kids to opposite sides of the apartment for about 30 minutes on my day of recovery because I couldn't take their energy anymore. They were laughing, playing, and being loud as hell, which I tolerated for a while. I told them to quiet down, for my sanity, or they'd be separated, and thank goodness they didn't listen to me. The video games got shut off, they got placed at opposite ends of the apartment, I lectured them, and I had 30 minutes of peace and quiet to pull together a dinner. I seriously wonder some days how I'm going to get through an entire summer of this, because I cracked on day 4.
  4. Allowed my kids to play video games each day, for hours on end. Until I get into a routine, this lackadaisical  behavior from me will continue, I guarantee it. Well, until I can't handle the noise anymore and I banish them to opposite sides of the apartment, that is.
  5. Clipped an entire binder's worth of coupons, just to find out that maybe 5 of them actually match sales going on at my local grocery store this week. I've done the extreme couponing thing before on a small scale (like getting 2 weeks worth of groceries down from $200 to $100), and quickly remembered while I was looking at the grocery ads that it takes a few weeks of building your coupon base for it to pay off and have coupons that match the sales... damnit. I wanted to show off my mad couponing skills to Hubby this weekend. Oh, well.
  6. Napped probably 2 dozen times. Yes, partly because I was sick, and partly because... I could. And it was amazing. And it is something I will continue to do, because, well, I can.
I'm planning on getting myself into a routine here soon and getting the kids off of the video games and doing crafts or heading around town. With the heat outside the way it is, I'm not a big advocate of them playing outside all day, but having them stay on the gaming system all day isn't acceptable to me, either. Our household goods won't be delivered for a few more weeks, which has all of our movies, games, craft supplies, etc, but I'm sure I can figure something (cost effective) out in the meantime.

All in all, yes, the week could have been much better. I'm sure it's been this way to force me to slow down for once- something I'm not the best at doing. 

But hey, at least I didn't lost a kid this time around... damnit. Um, I mean, yeah... that's a good thing...

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  1. omg, we are the same type of mom! I think I experienced all those things this past week, except for being sick. Hope you're feeling better! :-)

    1. Well darn, I would suggest switching kids and lives and stuff for a break, but I guess it wouldn't be any different... ;)

  2. Im new to this whole blogging how did you get two or three different blog pages or what they are called. See im intetested cause Im unable to work due to a serious back injury..well just finished #2surgery so I need things to keep me busy besides a 12 yr. Old n a 11 mo. Old. Thanks. Kewl page.

  3. Glad you are feeling better and all your kiddos are accounted for. I am guilty of using certain things in the house to babysit for me at times. Mine is that damn TV with the mini me girl of mine. = )