Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where Are the Mothers? The Inklings First Vlog Post!

It took some time, but it's finally done. I promised you all a Vlog post if we reached the top 25 over at Top Mommy Blogs, and here it is. It's my first ever vlog post, so go easy on me!

The topic I chose was Where Are the Mothers?

I had fun with this one. So without further ado, here it is... me, real, live, unscripted... did I mention nervous as hell shooting this? Yeah, I was. Holy crap I was. But, that's just for you all to know!

I went ahead and started The Inklings of Life Youtube Page, but if anything goes on it, I will make sure to post it here.

I hope you all enjoy! Thanks to all of my readers who vote daily, and got us into the Top 25. Votes count each day, so keep it up (we're at 23 today)! I want to be able to do a vlog post again, a little more refined or with more gadgets next time! Should be interesting!

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  1. First of all, I'm so impressed that you made it through that entire thing without saying the eff word. Perhaps that is a requirement of being part of Top Mommy Blogs? :-) Congratulations!

    My husband says the first one was not newsworthy as soon as you noted you were in WalMart (which made me laugh).

    Second, I love your style. I love your animation. I love your thought process (and your hair color, dang!). I'm not sure I agree with the thoughts about the girl in WalMart for a few reasons.

    a: As a parent, I assume there are smart battles to choose and battles to simply leave alone. Hot pink bras and lipstick? Perhaps not worth getting worked up about. (Besides, if everyone behaved themselves, what would we blog about?!)

    b: As a woman, we all have the choice to express ourselves. Some of us choose conservative options, some of us choose hot pink ones. Still others of us choose tattoos (hug!). Sure, assuming she's a child (under 18), there are more things that her parent(s) should be thinking about. Which leads me to another point.

    c: I agree with the question about the mothers, and I'll raise that question to include - Where are the fathers? Where are the parents for these girls? Where are the role models? Well, of course it's in reality TV and on magazine covers and being spewed by others.

    As always, I loved this post. It made me think. And it's fun to *see* you talking. Keep up the vlogs!

  2. I love when you comment! It gets me thinking, too.

    Not to seem like I'm copping out, but I agree with your reply, completely.

    And yes, I surprised myself I didn't use the eff word, lol.

    Next vlog post is already writing itself in my head, and it's gonna be a doozie! =)

  3. I totally love this! You did awesome and you are so pretty!

    That's really sad about the skanky teenager cruisin' Walmart. I bet she's crapped out a couple kids since you posted this.

    I hope you do more vlogs soon! It will motivate me to do the same :)