Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tatted Mom's Guide to Sex Education for Teenagers

No one has ever accused me of being ordinary. For those that follow Inklings pretty regularly, you know I don't do anything in a conventional manner, and my approaches to certain parenting issues can be somewhat... messed up crazy creative.
Tatted Mom's Guide to Sex Education for Teenagers

Today's vlog post is no exception.

I've been thinking about this post since I first did a vlog post a few weeks ago. Somewhere in today's '16 and Pregnant' and 'Teen Mom' tv shows, sex education has been lost. It's time to gain that back.

Keep in mind that this post could be deemed quite controversial, quite outspoken, and in the least, good for a few laughs. But, it's what's needed in this day and age. If you are conservative, this isn't the post for you.

I hope everyone enjoys, and will share with other open-minded parents and adults, too. If nothing else, it should be a wake up call that an extreme measure needs to be taken, for our youth, and be taken quickly, because nothing else seems to be working.

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