Friday, May 4, 2012

Moving Requires Lots of Lube... Part 2

I'm a military wife. You'd think by now I'd be used to this ish.

Moving sucks. Really sucks. And no matter how many times I go through this, it doesn't seem to get any easier. I mean hell, the kids and I moved 5 times in one calendar year. 85% of my stuff is still packed in boxes in a storage unit, and this move isn't any easier than any of them before.

Flying = Money
When I made the cross country move over a year ago, my interaction with the moving companies prompted me to write Moving Requires Lots of Lube. This year so far, the moving company situation is being kind to us, though Hubby is handling that part of it. Plus, we haven't gotten too far in that process yet, so there might be a part 3 to this post for all I know, later on.

No, this year, the airlines are having their way with us. (And for the record, I'm glad that the airlines are taking advantage of 'us' this year, and not just 'me'. Moving cross country as a single mom sucked, but having Hubby involved now, even 2000 miles away, means that I'm not alone this time around. The need for lube is being divided between the both of us.)

When the kids and I moved a year and a half ago, 4 one way tickets (we had Z with us) plus insurance and fees ran $800. This year, each one way ticket is $350, meaning we're up to $1050 for 3 people, and that doesn't include insurance or any fees.

No hugs, no kisses, no nothing. The airlines certainly aren't reaching for any lube to make this easier.

Of course I googled why in the hell the tickets have more than doubled in price in just a little over a year.
For one, fuel prices have skyrocketed. Secondly, we're traveling in June instead of February like last time. Apparently the airlines assume we're going on vacation instead of trying to put our family back together.

Don't get me wrong... on the other side of this move are endless foot rubs, back massages, hugs, kisses, getting laid again (thank goodness, I'm becoming a serious bitch), help with the kids on a regular basis, a pool in the apartment complex, a steady income, more time with my kids, and a whole family unit for the first time in years... so yeah, I guess the airlines could say that's a vacation, dammit. But, it's my life, a life I want to get to as soon as possible, as painlessly as possible, and not at what will probably be $1200 or $1300 to obtain.

Most definitely without the airlines trying to take advantage of my fragile being.

Hubby and I are already stressed beyond belief, pinching every penny we can to make sure we can make this move in 6 weeks, and that was with the estimate of $800 for flight tickets. This new estimate has sent me curled up in the corner, sucking on my thumb, feeling violated as hell.

Have I mentioned yet that it's $125 for each cat, too, and we're taking 2 cats? No? Oh, sorry. I'm begging the airlines to just make this quick. I'm a big girl, I can take it.

So, moving never gets easier. Maybe after I've gone through the storage unit, figured out the movers situation, and secured the lube-needed airline tickets I will have a different opinion. Then again, by the time that's all done, I'll practically be in Arizona.

Sheesh. If I had known I was going to be moving this much, I seriously would have bought stock in lube. Then I'd have the money we need to move. Hmph, irony's a bitch.

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  1. I'll be moving in about 7 weeks, too- not fun! Though I feel for you because while we only move every 4 years and are staying in state, I haven't had to put up with your amount of stress.

    1. Good luck to you in your move!

      I've been a military wife for 13 years now and moved around a lot while Hubby and I were separated, so moving is just part of life. We'll have at least one more move ahead of us, too, when Hubby gets out of the military, if not sooner. Fun fun, lol.