Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"MOMumental" Book Review & Giveaway

So, y'all know Inklings is not a review/giveaway blog. I must make that clear in the beginning. If something comes along that catches my attention, then I will post an honest review about it... but it has to take something pretty cool, and this does not happen very often.

I was emailed about reviewing a book entitled "MOMumental" (catchy title, isn't it?), which is a collection of stories of motherhood, written by Jennifer Grant. I received my copy in the mail (2 copies, actually, which means I get to do my first giveaway, below), and started reading it immediately.

The first thing I noticed about the book was the chapter names. 'Mommy Misdemeanors: Adventures in Messing Up' and 'There's Something About Blue French Fries: Adventures in Junk Culture'. Different, quirky... right up my alley.

I was shocked at how many of Jennifer's stories I could relate to, or seek wisdom from. In Chapter 4, 'Escape to Gordon's House: Adventures in Friendship' she tells readers how while her husband was travelling for work, she always did for her kids, and often forgot about herself. She relates that to how, on an airplane, the flight attendants tell you in case of emergency, secure your own mask then help the person next to you, but how she, like so many moms, metaphorically secured her children's masks and forgot to put on her own.

Hey, that's me... and an amazing analogy, needless to say.

The whole book is filled with little tidbits that resonated so highly with me. How she turned off her TV and urged her kids to play outside, how important family meetings can be (we are so starting those when the kids and I get to Arizona next month), how trust and faith in the family can overcome so many hurdles. She goes
into how there is no such thing as the perfect mother, and we should resist societal labels. And how dinner around the table can make a stronger child and stronger family.

Very inspiring book. Not a typical parenting book in the way of, 'do this' and 'don't do this' to raise your kids, but just a collection of stories of her own parenting journey that you find you can relate to, and learn from.

She also has an amazingly helpful appendix section which contains Five Multiple-Duty Products Busy Moms Shouldn't Be Without, as well as Signs of Mommy Burnout. I kind of wish this stuff had been thrown in throughout the book instead of added at the end, but as long as it's there, that's what counts.

I said this review (as with any review I actually do) is going to be honest, so I will say that I was thrown off at first by some of the religious references throughout the book. Then, I flipped the book over, and in the bottom right corner, the book is labeled with 'Religion/Christian Life/Women'. Something the publisher failed to mention. There wasn't anything wrong with this, I just wish I had a heads up. The religious tones of the book are undertones at best; a few Bible verses quoted here and there, and an overall message of love, which I thought was great. I just wanted to let my readers know about that before we get to the giveaway below.

Overall, Jennifer Grant's book is awesome. It's full of amazing stories that show all of us moms out there that we aren't alone, that no one has it perfect, that motherhood is learn as you go, and you need to do what's right for you and your family- that's the recipe for being a great mom.

So, with all of that said, you can head out and buy your copy of "MOMumental" at locations such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or you can try and win it here, from The Inklings of Life's first giveaway! Enter below, the giveaway is open from Wednesday May 23rd to Sunday May 27th. A few ways to enter, so check it out! (Thoughn y'all know I'm not a fan of blogs that do nothing but reviews and giveaways, I'm excited to be doing my first giveaway, and because it's not going to happen very often, let's make it a great one!)

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  1. Oooooooh! A giveaway! The book sounds really interesting, but from what you said - when will YOU be writing one? Hmmmm? :)

    1. I always have tricks up my sleeve, my dear... I *may* already be in the process of it. ;)

  2. Long time can get me at Mia DOT cupcake AT yahoo :)

  3. Sounds like an interesting read. It's always nice to get words of advice from "veteran" moms. :)

  4. I have been adding a few awesome Mommy style books to my wish list lately, and this one is an instant add! Thank you for the review, I would love to read it.

  5. What is a good parent? We moms often set impossible standards for ourselves, and feel that we can never be “a good mom.” Or at least a good enough mom. Momumental was so encouraging to me as a mom. Jennifer Grant offers solid advice, not just on parenting but on how to be intentional about building a family culture. (I know I'm too late for the giveaway but just wanted to agree that this is a terrific book!)