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Man Philosophy: Top 10 Woman Shows

Another installment of Man Philosophy, and now y'all know that I married a smart ass! For the newbies to the site, we've had the intro Man Philosophy post and the cooking post, and don't forget about the Man Philosophy merch stuffs. Enjoy! ~Tatted Mom

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Hello all, it's Hubby. I've been asked for weeks to write a new blog for Tatted Mom. The problem is, I haven't been inspired to write about anything in particular. So, I'm sitting here watching tv and wishing I was with the wife. Now, I'm inspired. It occured to me that guys out there need a list of tv shows that all women love that they can happily watch together for that all important "quality time". This list is in no particular order so please enjoy.

Note: Some of these shows aren't on tv anymore but are easy to download or catch on netflix.

Top 10 Man Woman Shows
  1. Sopranos: This show is a classic in most wives circles. I have not idea why, but men, your women love this show. It must be the mafia, sex, and violence of it all. She'll always love cuddling on the couch to see Tony whack some wannabe wiseguy. 
  2. Spartacus: You'll notice on this list that most women love violence, blood, and insane amounts of nudity. As men, even though we don't like it, we have to try to sit through this filth to make our women happy. This show set in ancient Rome is surprisingly accurate considering all of the over the top gore. That's why I am able to sit through this when my wife wants to watch it...for the historical aspect. Be warned men, you'll have to turn away when the graphic nudity happens.  
  3. A-Team: Sometimes women like to go old school. It seems mindless to us men but women love watching a completely unbelievable group of Vietnam vets turned mercenaries. I'd rather read a good romance novel while my wife wants to catch a rerun of this show but, I'll put romance off for her.  
  4. The reason I will sit through
    Sons of Anarchy. Hello,
    Jax... ~Tatted Mom
  5. Sons of Anarchy: For some reason, women think bikers are hot. Personally, I think they're scary. I sit through this on the slim chance that these outlaw bikers will finally get caught breaking the law and get sent to jail.
  6. WWE Monday Night Raw: It seems to me that eventually, women will just grow up and let go of some of their childhood pleasures. Why my wife has me sit through the weekly, neverending pain of professional wrestling is beyond me. Being the loving, selfless husband that I am, I watch it for my baby.
  7. Deadwood: What's shocking, men, is that most women love westerns. This is an old school HBO show that thank God isn't on anymore. I'm kinda glad my wife doesn't have the ability to make me sit through gunfights, cursing, whoring, and hangings anymore. 
  8. The Shield: Vic Mackey...He's such a scoundrel. Crooked cops in a fictional L.A. district. What self respecting man wants to watch that? More needless violence for women to get off on. 
  9. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Women are forever crazy for some Star Wars. Give them an animated show about the prequel to the original trilogy, and they're in heaven. I never understood the whole Force thing and the laser swords...and Chewbcleaeaa...whatever his name was. How did anybody understand him?
  10. Game of Thrones: An adaptation of some book somebody wrote one time. The first time my wife made me watch it, it reminded me of Lord of the Rings with boobs and no hobbits. That doesn't sound like something a man would want to watch but my old lady loves to cuddle to some knights battling in olden times. Whateves...Guys usually get laid after watching this with their lady. 
  11. Desperate Housewives: HAHA...sorry men. Women can't stand this show. I just thought since the rest of the post had a slightly serious tone I'd have a little bit of fun at the end. Unfortunately women don't like quality television. They have no idea what they're missing but guys, we can always enjoy it while the women are in the other room playing video games or taking 45 minute deuces.  
To my wife, I can't wait to cuddle on the couch watching some of your favorite television programs. It will kill me and be almost unbearable but I'll make it through, for you. Have fun men!!

Good grief... ~Tatted Mom


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  1. Yep, I was literally laughing out loud!! Poor 'Hubby'! The things you go through for 'Tatted Mom'. It's shameful! This is too good. I'm forwarding it to Jonathon. He'll definitely get a kick out of it. And maybe, just maybe, it'll help guide him to some things he can do in order to give us some quality time together. Good job!