Friday, May 18, 2012

Ken and Barbie are Freaks!

Some weird stuff goes on at my house. I'm not even talking the hyper kids, the crazy cats, or me getting dive bombed by birds (for more info on that one, see Inklings' facebook page). I'm talking, weird stuff, that only occurs when no one is looking, apparently.

And just for the record, not a single person can convince me that the Toy Story movies aren't real, after what I've seen.

These 2 pictures are a few years old; I found them while going through my facebook page, and forgot that I had even taken them. My kids were 7 and 4 at the time, so the possibility of them doing any of this on purpose is slim to none. Accidentally? Sure. Or, the Toy Story movies are real, and toys come to life when no one is looking. Look at the pictures below and tell me differently.

These pictures are epic.

Please keep in mind when you view these pictures, that these dolls were not staged this way... well, not by me. I found these dolls like this at the time of taking the picture.

I'm not sure if they are a little 'off' in position,
or if they have a foot licking fetish...
This picture of Ken and Barbie was taken in my bed. I pulled back the comforter to find them like this, underneath. You can tell I caught them in the act... look at the 'I wasn't doing anything' look on Barbie's
face, and Ken is too ashamed to even look at me. Did I let them finish? Hell no. It was my bedtime, and years ago when this was taken, I was single, so if I wasn't getting any in my bed, then no one else was either, thank you.

Poor baby Krissy... she's sneaking a peek.
Just a few weeks later, I was cleaning up the kids' bathroom after their bath, picked up a wet towel off the floor, and found Ken and Barbie like this. Shameful. For one, their kid is behind them, breaking her neck to see what Daddy is doing to Mommy and why Mommy is making those funny noises. For two, Ken looks awfully uncomfortable... maybe he should try laying on his stomach or putting a pillow under her ass to raise her up a little bit. Again, Ken is too ashamed to even look up at me, but Barbie is just grinning away. Notice how, in both pictures, she's wearing a skirt for easy access. What a slut.

So, if reading the different stories I tell wasn't enough to show anyone that things are far from 'normal' in my house, now you have photographic evidence. Ken and Barbie are freaks, and pretty damn open with their freakiness.

Oh crap, have I just posted doll porn on my site? Oh well.

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