Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear TIME Magazine...

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Dear TIME Magazine,

Your recent cover has sparked some controversy in the world as a whole, as well as the world of mothering. Good job. Controversy means readers, readers means revenue, revenue means you all keep your jobs a little longer.

I'm a mother, yes, but I'm not here to give my opinion on breast feeding vs. bottle feeding, or to even completely comment on whether or not your cover photo is 'inappropriate', 'pornographic', 'disgusting',
'beautiful' or any of the other million adjectives, good and bad, that have been used by other people to describe it.

I'm here to say, quite frankly, Screw You. Your title of 'Are You MOM ENOUGH?' is what offended me, and let me tell you, it takes a lot to offend me. To me, the picture itself was not offensive, but the implication that because I didn't breast feed my children until they were 3, that I am in some way inferior to those women who did breast feed their children that long. How dare  you, being a national iconic magazine, here to report the news in an unbiased fashion, title an article on your front cover  in a way that is completely full of bias, and insults more than half of the mothers out there that see it. How dare you, a magazine that has withstood the test of time as a respectful piece of media, title an article in a way that causes some mothers to feel guilt, remorse, or that they are not 'mom enough' for their children. How dare you say that a mother's strength is measured by how long she breast fed her children.

We mothers have social, environmental and internal struggles every single day, and live in constant worry that we are going to mess our kids up, or wonder if we're doing what's best for our children. Then, you, TIME Magazine, come along and print this article, which is fine. A nice debate is healthy for society. But, downright insulting a majority of mothers in the process with the offensive title? Not fine. Not fine at all.

This cover photo just posted on the internet today, and has already gone viral, starting debates, fights, and has brought out the worst in people, especially moms. I've seen several sites already where mothers have been attacked by other mothers for either supporting this article or not supporting this article. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes, but your article did not just state an opinion; it insulted people in the process, which is something I would expect of the Hollywood rag mags, not a leader in news magazines.

So, TIME Magazine, Screw You. Seriously. From now on, when I want to read a news article, and I mean a real news article, I won't be turning toward you like I used to. Your choice to not title this article in a more tactful way has lost you a reader, and I can guarantee that I'm not the only one. And, I just hope that you can see the damage that you have done to society today, to motherhood itself, and to moms everywhere.

Screw You,

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  1. Yup. We moms fight amongst ourselves quite enough without a major international magazine stirring us up. We need to support each other while we make decisions that are right for ourselves and our families, and here's f*cking TIME magazine causing us, with one short headline, to turn on each other like rabid badgers. F*ck you, TIME.

  2. Had not seen this cover yet, and probably would not have until it our shelves here in Germany. But thank you Tatted Mom for reaffirming my disdain for TIME magazine. It is not easy being a mom in this age of blogging, social networking and online parenting advice. Everywhere you look everyone had an opinion and everyone believes they can do it better. Women are catty enough without adding more fuel to the fire. I agree-F Time magazine for dumping lighter fluid on the debate of what it means to be a good mother. I am a good mother and I don't need some asinine writers and revenue generators to validate that! :)