Friday, April 27, 2012

Sucking the Life From Honeysuckles

I've come to realize that my online persona can be a bit misleading sometimes. I'm not always full of sarcasm and humor.

Hahaha, okay, I am always full of sarcasm and humor. But, I'm full of good stuff, too.

I just took a walk with my kids. We have walking trails through the neighborhood, and tonight, we decided to take the blue trail (normally we take the red one). It led us first under a road, where yes, my kids screamed and made maniacal laughing noises to hear it echo through the tunnel. Then, the path led us to a playground, where we paused for a few minutes to tackle the playground equipment. My kids may have (though I won't 100% confirm it) kicked my ass on the monkey bars, but in my defense, I did arm exercises at the gym this morning, so, that's why I could only get to the 2nd monkey bar and my son almost all the way around. We left the playground and followed the trail up to the boat dock and the lake. We walked across some of the water, which totally freaked my daughter out, so she went screaming toward land saying, "I have to get back on solid ground", but The Ginger thought it was cool as hell.

On the way back, (and this was the coolest part of our journey) I taught my kids how to eat honeysuckles.
Well, not eat, but softly take the center part out to get some of the honey dewey stuff. I was shocked they had never done it before. My kids are 10 and 8; I can remember doing that stuff at 5 or 6. But this one little piece of my past as a kid, that brought back so many memories of my summers growing up, I was now passing down to my kids.

I kid you not, I started to tear up right there on the walking trail. I was helping my kids be kids, having an amazing time, and missing my Hubby so much.

The kids carefully grabbed handfuls of honeysuckles to take back to their friends, and they are currently at the playground, teaching the kids there how to get to the sweet dewey goodness. My son just reported back that all of the kids were amazed, none of them knew how to do that, and they all want to go walking with us to find honeysuckles next time we venture out.

The difference one walk just made, in the lives of my kids, of the neighborhood kids, and in me.

See, just a short post to show y'all that I'm not always full of sarcasm and humor. Sometimes I'm full of mush and tears. But that's what being a mom is all about, hell, what being a human is all about. Knowing when to put aside the sarcasm and humor and enjoy the most amazing little things in life.

Like sucking the life from honeysuckles.

Yeah, the humor can't go away for too long, it may get lost.

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