Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recycled Art and Rude Little Girls

Yesterday was an amazing, yet interesting, day. My dad and his girlfriend had planned a craft day for my kids and her grandkids, and while my father wanted to take the kids and give me a day off, I couldn't quite resist a craft day, so I went anyway.

Craft day was awesome; the little rude 8 year old that was there, wasn't. I'll get to her in a second.

The crafts were amazing. My dad had cut shapes out of thin wood, and he and his girlfriend had spray painted them various colors. Then, the kids glued different colored bottle caps to the boards. My dad's girlfriend had been saving bottle caps for around 8 months now, and let me tell you, there were a lot of them. But, it ended up being the perfect amount for 4 kids' projects, which amazed us all.

The Girl's Bottle Cap Art
My daughter made a funny faced heart and a googly eyed four leaf clover. Not exactly sure what the small black thing is at the bottom; I think it's a magnifying glass. Pretty awesome, nonetheless. (And, if you expand the picture, you can see that her heart project was sponsored by Goldschlager liquor. It makes me giggle.)
The Ginger's Bottle Cap Art
My son's projects included a spaceship (pretty amazed with that one) and a silly faced four leaf clover. I'm pretty proud at how great these turned out.

So, great way to reuse bottle caps, just keep in mind you have to save them for a while. It would be a great project for an art class at school, and have the kids bring in bottle caps from home.

Now, onto the 8 year old. Man, my blood is already starting to boil.

This little girl is my dad's girlfriend's son's kid (did you link that up... It takes me a while, and then a coworker brought it to my attention that if my dad marries his girlfriend, that would make her son my stepbrother and his kids my nieces. I love my dad, but please, heavens above, Nooooooooo! And, if you are a regular reader, yes, these are the same kids from the Be a Bitch, Not a... Yeah post... which could explain a lot, actually.) 

Anyway, the 8 year old nightmare. This child is loud... I mean LOUD, and bossy, and rude (already mentioned that, I know), and talks to adults like she is one. And no one says anything to her.

Until now.

My dad got up from the gluing chair, and I went to sit in it so I could take the next gluing shift and glue her sister's bottle caps to her board. Well, this child jumps into the chair.

Me: Hey, could I have the chair? I'm getting ready to glue your sister's bottle caps to her board, and I need to sit there.
Insolent, Rude Little Girl: Um, no. I'm sitting here.
Me: How about you get up, and how about you listen to an adult.
IRLG: How old are you?
Me: A hell of a lot older than you. I'm an adult, you are a child, so get up.
IRLG: Well, I'm 8, and I need a chair.
Me: Well, I'm 31 and I'm not asking you anymore. Get up.

At this point, my dad swoops in with a second chair for the hellion, and she gets up and sits there. 2 minutes goes by.

What I'm sure her next
step was
Courtesy of
IRLG: Oh my GOSH are you done yet?
Me: No. Gluing all of these caps takes a while. Why?
IRLG: Because I need to glue my caps down.
Me: Have you even finished making the design yet?
IRLG: No, but I want to sit there.
Me: Too bad. Make your design.

2 minutes goes by.

(At this point, I look around. Her dad is nowhere to be found, her grandmother is in the kitchen cleaning, and my dad is helping in the kitchen. It's just me and the little girl.)
Me: You are a very rude little girl with a very rude little mouth.
IRLG: Awwww, that's not nice to say to a kid.
Me: Well, you aren't a very nice little girl. If you were my kid, I would have smacked your mouth by now. You wouldn't talk the way you do to adults.
IRLG: Well, my parents don't care how I talk and they would never smack me, so I can talk however I want to.
Me: Well, if you were my kid, that's how it would be.
IRLG: Then I'm glad you aren't my mom.
Me: Good, I'm glad you aren't my kid.

At that point, our little chat was cut short by my dad and his girlfriend joining us.

A little while later, the little girl was sitting across the table from my daughter, and I watched as she kicked my daughter under the table. No one said a word to her, and considering I had had enough of her bullshit, I spoke up.

Me: Sorry, dad, hold on one second with your story. (Looking directly at the little girl) Did you just kick my daughter?
IRLG: Yes.
Me: Why?
IRLG: I don't know.
Me: Then how about you apologize to her... And you better mean it.
IRLG: I'm sorry.

My dad chuckled a bit, then went on with his story.

I was told a little later by his girlfriend that, and I quote, "Yeah, we have some problems with [the little girl]. She can be rude at times, but it's because she has ADHD."

Get the fuck out of town. Your granddaughter is an ass because no one disciplines her. She's allowed to say whatever she wants and be rude because her parents don't tell her not to.

I had no reply for my dad's girlfriend. My momma always taught me that if I didn't have anything nice to say, to say nothing at all.

But you better believe I'm going to blog about it. I'm at the point where I don't even feel like going through my vent again about kids with ADHD and how much bullshit that excuse is in today's society. You can read it, if you'd like, in Zombie Children Everywhere, though after re-skimming that post, I realize I didn't include a paragraph about insolent, rude children that get away with talking that way to adults because their parents don't discipline them. Hmm... maybe a Zombie Children Everywhere Part 2 is in order.

However you look at it, that little girl needs to be dealt with, but we all know she won't be. And, after posting a snippet of this interaction on the Inklings facebook page, I was relieved to find that I wasn't overreacting to this situation, that other parents found this child to be out of line. And this time around, yes, I blame it completely on the parents.

I never wanted to hot glue a child to a table before in my life, until yesterday. Not her face, but maybe a hand or something. But I realized, if I did do it, then I'd have to hear her mouth, even louder, about her skin burning, and how much it hurt, and blah blah blah. Dammit.

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  1. "She has ADHD" is the biggest cop-out I've ever heard. My middle son, 11, is the very definition of ADHD. Does that mean he gets away with shit? Hell no. It just means he has to work harder to mind his manners. He can still do it, though. Of course, it takes more work on my part, too. Imagine that.

    1. I've met kids with true ADHD, and because their parents have worked with them, they have manners... Much like you are saying. Well, some parents need an excuse for being suck ass parents I guess...

  2. I'm sorry the situation was so difficult. I hope family gatherings get easier!