Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Queen for a Day

I've been posting updates on the Inklings facebook page and some on Twitter, but as I lay in this king sized amazing bed of cloudlike awesome, I must write a short blog post.

Hubby and I got out for date night. Honestly, in 13 years of being married, this is by far the most amazing date night ever. Complimentary champagne and strawberries, a jacuzzi, room service, a make-your-own-omelet breakfast bar, a newspaper at our door first thing this morning, and when we were coming back from breakfast, the manager saw us in the elevator, and greeted us, by name. Yep, by name. I'm in heaven, seriously.

This, all on top of heading to The Melting Pot last night. Hubby and I had never been, and it was pretty amazing. Dessert alone was worth the entire bill, which, the manager there comped our cheese fondue. Supposedly we were randomly selected to have our cheese fondue taken off the check in celebration of cheese fondue month. At first I was suspicious, like, they found out the cheese they used had ecoli in it, so they took it off the bill so we couldn't sue them or something, but seeing as it's been 12 hours with no adverse reactions, I'm thinking we just were pretty damn fortunate.

So, check out is in like 2 hours and I don't want to leave. Seriously. Our room has a name, for crying out loud. It's called The Jefferson Suite. Hubby and I have never stayed in a room that had a name... Well, we've named rooms before: The Roach Room, Lumpy Bed Room... But never An Indoor Heaven.

And, of course, true Hubby style, as soon as we get in here he says,

"So, we need to Hangover this room before we leave. Where do we get a tiger?"

Ahh, that's my man. Now y'all see why I married him. Not only does he treat me like a queen, but he makes me giggle, too. The combination of the two makes me a very lucky woman.

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