Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great Read on Gender Issues

I'm still on my mini vacay... Hubby's last full day here. Trying not to be bummed, but it's hard. We have an easy, relaxing day ahead of us, lots of cuddling on the couch.

I wanted to pass a link onto you all today, though. About a year ago, I had a guest poster here on Inklings that went on to start his own blog. Amazing blog (when he keeps up with it... Eh em... Jon... I can bust his bubble, we're related...). He wrote a very eye opening post recently on Gender Issues, which, I'll admit here that I'm jealous of. He and I must have read the same article because I remember going, 'Hell, I need to blog about that', but alas, he beat me to it. So, seeing as how I couldn't have said any of it any better (maybe a few more curse words thrown in), then head over there and read it! And, if you decide to subscribe to him (you won't be disappointed, I promise), then maybe he'll write pretty much everyday (A girl can hope, huh?).

Of Tomboys and Mama's Boys: Gender Issues

Enjoy! And, if you leave him a comment, tell him the crazy tatted lady at Inklings sent ya!!!

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