Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Going On Strike... Help, Please!

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So, I know today is supposed to be a Fan Favorites post, pulled out of archives, but I need some help, and quickly.

I want to go on strike. Seriously.

This morning, I woke up, headed to the kitchen to make my coffee, and the sink is full of dishes, and the counters covered in crap (not literally... we'll get to literal crap in a second). The dishwasher is full of clean dishes, which I ran yesterday morning as soon as I got up, so that means the dishwasher had not been unloaded, loaded and ran in 24 hours (there's 4 of us in this apartment and a house guest right now for the week... daily dish washing is a necessity).

As I'm brewing my coffee, I look around the apartment... it looks like ass. Yes, this is the same condition it was in when I got home from work last night, but when it's after 9 at night and you've worked all day, you seem to have these blinders on... you see the fridge for something to eat, you see the couch for somewhere to sit, and you see the TV to entertain you until it's time for sleep.

Then, I hear the cat in the dining room, scratching at something. I get The Girl to check it out... the cat is crapping in the dining room (there's your literal crappy part of the story). Why? Because the litter box is full; it hasn't been scooped out since I changed it 3 days ago, and we have 3 cats. Disgusting!

So, that's when it hit me. I have off tonight, and off tomorrow, screw this, I'm going on strike.

Then I thought, shit, I don't know what that entails. Do I not do anything all weekend and just see if the rest
of the house catches wind? Do I announce my strike and my demands that way? Are there set things I have to do, even though I'm on strike, like, feed the kids? They are 10 and 7... perfectly capable of making a PB&J, and it's not like there isn't food in the house for them to eat. Do I over exaggerate things, like leave my personal trash (like a candy bar wrapper or something) in front of the TV to make sure it gets seen? How does this go?

That's where I seriously need my readers' help today. Have any of you ever gone on strike before? What was effective? What was ineffective? Are there things I should do or keep up with, even if I'm on strike? Can I tell my kids what to do at all or do I let them have free reign this weekend while I have my freedom?  Do I announce my strike?

Screw that, I'm announcing my strike. And, I'm going to make a speech when I get home from work today about why I'm going on strike and what my demands are.

But, that's all I have figured out so far. So, please help! Please give me your pointers and tips!!! I have until 4 o'clock today to figure this out (that's when the kids get home from school). If I need to type up a list of demands and make this hella official, I will!

And, more than likely, I'll probably chronicle this strike over at the Inklings facebook page, because that's where the idea was first launched.

Wish me luck, and please add any insight you have. I need this. My family needs this... because if they don't start appreciating what I do, and taking pride in this home and our life together, then they'll need a ride to come visit their mommy in the loony bin.

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  1. Just as an update, I came home from working a 1/2 day, and the apartment was spotless, with laundry being done... Thanks, Sis. So, the strike was cancelled... for now...