Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Isn't... What? Noooo....

With my son's surgery last week, I found something out, something earth shattering, but before I share it with the world, I'm going to need the majority of the female population to be sitting down for it. Are y'all ready?

Grey's Anatomy isn't real. I know, the truth hurts.

How did I come to this shocking revelation? My son's surgery was performed at a teaching hospital, one with residents and interns and so forth (terms I learned on Grey's Anatomy, just like 83% of the non-medical American population), so, when I found this out, I got really excited.

Thoughts began to swirl in my head of McDreamy performing my son's surgery, and seeing a beautiful Meredith walk around the corner, say a few words to a nurse and continue walking down the hall. Oh man, how awesome would it be to be caught in an elevator between McSteamy and Lexi and feeling the sexual tension between them? Despite the fact that my son was having surgery done, this was going to be awesome!

So, we get upstairs to the pre-surgery wing, get him checked in, and when we get called to the back to a room, I feel my pulse start to race. This is it, this is where I meet McSteamy and my world is complete. We get ushered to the back, out of the waiting room, and I start looking around... normal looking person in scrubs, another normal looking person in scrubs... a... um... homely looking person in scrubs... where are the effing hotties at? Seriously?

And everyone seemed so serious. If I can't have Grey's Anatomy with the hotties, I'll settle for Scrubs.
Where's the wisecracking goofball resident or the surgeon who high fives everyone? This is seriously not going as planned.

Is it because my son is having oral surgery done? Do they hide all of the hotties in plastic surgery or cardiology? Do I need to make sure my son is okay after his surgery and then stab myself in the foot real quick to see if they hide the hotties in the ER? Damn, what does a girl have to do to get some hot guys in scrubs eye candy action? Sheesh.

Doctor after surgeon after anesthesiologist after resident after nurse came and talked with us about The Ginger's surgery and what was going to happen, and sad to say, not a single one of them was hot... well, except for the blonde haired, blue eyed anesthesiology nurse. She was pretty hot.

As the revelation sank in, I did everything to try and convince myself that Grey's Anatomy was real. As soon as the surgeon's nurse checked in with us to let us know surgery had begun and it'd be 30 minutes or so until they were done, we took off to the cafeteria. Breakfast time, larger place where hottie surgeons and residents could gather. This was my moment to prove that every teaching hospital was just like I'd seen on a fictional TV show, damn it.

Alas, I was proven wrong. (Sighs) They were just normal looking people in scrubs, who were doing extraordinary things for people everyday. Many had saved lives, many were researching ways to save lives, yes, some were hot, but unlike Grey's Anatomy, these people were real. They were doing their best each day, to help people, and cure illness, and heal wounds, and do their part in the medical advancement of America, or to take their learnings overseas to less privileged countries and cure their illnesses.

They were removing cysts from Ginger's mouths to send off to pathology, so a Ginger's mom can stop worrying, and her mind can be put to ease that it wasn't a tumor or cancer.

So, no, Inklingers, Grey's Anatomy isn't real. Every single doctor or student at a teaching hospital isn't outrageously hot, and on the flip side, the outrageously hot actors on Grey's Anatomy don't save lives everyday.

I mean, McSteamy sure makes me feel alive when I watch Grey's Anatomy... my heart races, my breathing increases, and I may let my mind wander from time to time that he saves my life, and as soon as I open my eyes and he gazes into them, he falls madly in love with me and forgets all about Lexi...

Whew, man it just got McSteamy in here...

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  1. Thank you for my first laugh of the day :) You are soooo right! I used to design space plans for hospital interiors.. labs, OR, ER...so LOTS of lab coats running around..I, too, would wait for the cutie to round the corner... never happened :( Maybe they're all in Seattle?

    1. You're very welcome for your first laugh of the day (it's like that around here all the time, lol).

      Yes, Seattle... must be. Might need to relocate... =)