Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top 5 Most Used Apps on My Phone

Today's post is inspired by the fact that I am always on my phone, so I sat back this morning and wondered why. What is it about my phone that keeps me on it so damn much?

My apps. Seriously, I love my Droid. There's an app for everything, and when I find one I need, I add it.

So, I wanted to share with you all the 5 apps I use the most on my phone. Now, please keep in mind that these do not include games (that's a separate list all in itself, for another time). I've included links with some of them, in case you'd like to download them, but keep in mind they are links for the Droid phones. And also keep in mind that this list does not include the basic apps like email and text messaging. I use those more frequently than anything, of course.

Top 5 Most Used Apps on My Phone

  1. Facebook. This is probably a huge 'duh'. Between my personal facebook and running Inklings' facebook, I'm always on that sucker. I can upload pictures to either my page or Inklings' page, update statuses, stalk people see what my friends are up to, and check in anywhere I want, if I want people knowing where I am, that is. The downfall of the facebook app? You can't 'share' on it. If there's a link, or picture, or status, you want to pass onto your friends or fans, there's no way to just click the 'share' button, like on the actual facebook site. Something they need to fix, in my opinion.
  2. IMDB app

  3. IMDB. For those that don't speak movie nerd, that's International Movie Data Base. Why do I have their app on my phone? Because I can't stand watching a movie, seeing an actor, and going, 'What else have they played in?' and having to sit through googling it. The IMDB app (link is for all mobile devices) works so much quicker for that. Plus (cool bonus mom points with this one), with every movie you look up, the parental guide is a very easily found link under the movie. So, you can click on that, scroll through it to see how much nudity, gore, violence, cussing and sex (the good stuff) are in it, and decide whether or not it's appropriate for your kids to watch.

  4. gAnalytics. No, that's not some weird porn site (I know you just concentrated on the 'anal' part of 'analytics'). It's my google Analytics app. There's a butt load of them out there, but I chose gAnalytics because it was easy to navigate and understand. It updates pretty regularly, which means I get to see who is stalking reading my blog, pretty much as they are reading it. Well, not who exactly, but where you came from, what post you landed on, and how you got there. I keep on top of that ish. 

  5. Not my screenshot of the LoseIt! app,
    but it gives you a great idea of how
    it works.
  6. Lose It! Yes, I have a watch-what-I-eat app on my phone. I enter in my food for the day, and any exercise, and what my starting weight and goal weight are, and it tells me the best way to achieve losing this 10 pounds. It's been a huge eye opener.

  7. TuneIn Radio. There were so many radio apps out there my head hurt. I picked the one with the coolest logo, and a great rating, and downloaded it. I've been quite happy with TuneIn Radio (link is for all mobile devices), and most frequently use it for meditation. Yep, you read that right. There's a SkyNature station on there that I love to put on, put my ear buds in, and just zone out the entire world for a while. But it does get radio stations from all over the world, including Brazil, Germany, etc- pretty damn cool.
I can say that my personal bank's app, Advanced Task Killer, and Twitter (link is for all mobile devices) were all runner ups in this ranking, but I listed them according to how much I use them and on the awesomeness scale for making my life easier. 

If you have an app that has changed your life (or at least made it high on your personal awesomeness scale), then please let me know about it below! I love apps that make my life easier- I am in the market for a budgeting app, and maybe like a household tips app?? Please let me know if y'all have some favorites!

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  1. I have the IMDB app too., if I see some one in a movie and I know I've seen them in something ales and can't figure it out it will drive me BONKERS! This app is a life saver! I'm going to have to check out that Lose It app. Seems pretty interesting. I use iHeart radio same concept as the one you are using.