Monday, March 5, 2012

Surgery, Through a 7 Year Old's Eyes

The Ginger has his surgery tomorrow.

This momma is freaking out.

The Ginger, on the other hand, being that he's only 7, has no idea what's going on. All he knows is he's going to the doctor tomorrow morning, and they are going to take out this lump he has inside his cheek. He doesn't question how they are going to take it out, or if it will hurt. I've explained to him they will make him take a nap, but he doesn't question that, either.

When he chooses not to question things, I sometimes wonder if he got switched at birth. I question everything, so it truly amazes me that he just accepts things as they are.

I've chosen to leave him in the dark. I understand this means he will probably have a little more panic tomorrow, as it's going on, but I'm willing to deal with that then, instead of going into detail now about what's going to happen and have him refuse to go.

And how am I doing with all of this right now? Okay. Haven't processed it yet, I don't think. I'm the type of mom that tries to experience things with my kids so that I can see their viewpoint, and this time is different.

Take, for instance, when they were both babies. I would be feeding them a jar of baby food, and if they kept spitting it out, I'm the mom that tasted it to see why they were spitting it out. Oh, holy crap, sweetheart, that green beans and peas mixture does taste like ass, let's move on to the next one.

When my daughter had some baby teeth pulled last week to make room for her permanent teeth, I knew how to handle that one because I had had my wisdom teeth pulled. So, I knew how to comfort her, how to answer her questions, what to do to help her out.

With The Ginger's surgery, I don't know anything. I've never had surgery in my life, never been put under for anything. I'm in uncharted territories, and yes, it freaks me out. It freaks me out that I can't answer any questions he may have, that I've never experienced what he's about to experience, that I have no idea what to expect with any of this.

I don't know if I'm over-prepared for his coming home, or under-prepared. I don't know how many days I should have taken off of work, or how many days to tell his teacher he'll be out of school. I don't know how he's going to handle the pain, or the confusion of coming out of the anesthesia.

And what's The Ginger worrying about right now? How Mommy won't let him eat the Trix yogurt we bought the other day, because it's for after his surgery, not for right now. Or how close to beating Zelda he'll get with his few days off of school. Or how his great aunt said she would come by after she got off work that day with chocolate ice cream.

Come to think of it, The Ginger is probably loving this whole surgery thing. He gets days off school, Mommy's taking off work, we filled the fridge with yogurt, jello, pudding, applesauce, and chicken and stars soup (cabinet, not fridge, but you get it), one of his grandmothers is going with us, and his great aunt is stopping by with chocolate ice cream.

Hell, where do I sign up for this amazing vacation?

I will pass on a little helpful hint for anyone who may have to go through oral surgery with their kids, or themselves. I bought baby food. Back when I was a body piercer in SC, a customer of mine had their tongue pierced and said they were going to buy baby food to eat for the next few days. Ingenious, actually. So, instead of just buying regular applesauce for The Ginger, and having him get bored of that, I went over to the baby food section and got the strawberry banana, or the mixed berries, or the pear sauce. He was ecstatic. Plus, we got some of those Graduates yogurt puffs- they melt in your mouth. I wanted to do the chip-like meltable munchies for him, too, but he didn't want those. He probably will come day 2. But, for now, we have our baby food ready to go. I tried to get him to do the chicken with apples baby food, telling him that was his favorite when he was a baby. He didn't care. Oh, well.

I haven't gotten too many day 2 or 3 items- mac and cheese, mashed potatoes- things like that. I figured I needed to see how things were going before I buy more stuff.

Fingers crossed, this will go smoothly.

And, for those that read this past Saturday's post , I have amazing news! I found my prescription for valium, and there was 1 tablet left in the bottle. Apparently, I was saving it for an emergency breakdown; My intuition hasn't failed me yet. So tomorrow should go much better than expected for me! Hells yeah! (For a disclaimer right here, yes, I have a legitimate prescription for valium, no I don't take it on a regular basis, just when I have a panic attack coming on, I haven't even taken valium since September, and no, it doesn't make me a clueless zombie, it just calms me and clears my head, but I can still function as normal... with a small case of the giggles.)

So, please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow morning, and there's a good chance I will be updating his status via the Inklings Facebook Page (and there's a good chance they will be valium induced status updates! How exciting!). If you haven't 'liked' that page yet, you should. I post pictures, amazingly random statuses, and just all around crazy stuff that doesn't make it on the blog. Plus, everyone nowadays has a facebook, so it's easier to share Inklings with friends with the easy 'share' button they have. Head there, like it; I promise you won't be disappointed.

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