Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The New Girl in the Neighborhood

There's a new family in our apartment complex; moved in across the street. From what I know of them, there's a daughter who is The Girl's age, a son who is a little younger, and I think another one that's not in school.

The new girl is weird. And, not in the type of weird that my family says 'Hell yeah' to; the kind of weird that even makes us raise an eyebrow.

I know it's cruel as hell to say that about a 10 year old, but it's true. I have no idea what her past is, or what her current life is like, but she's weird. Like, extremely loud and obnoxious, never shuts up, and talks in a voice that sounds like a 54 year old man, kinda weird. And when she bangs on the door to see if my daughter can come out and play, she bangs on the door... like zombies are behind her and she needs inside... now, or like the cops are trying to do a raid. Then, when we fling open the door, she's just planted there, shoulders bent over, and she must think we're deaf or something, because she screams, in a deep voice, 'Can The Girl come out and play?'

My daughter was scared of her at first. No, she's not this huge, glandular problem, of a girl. She's smaller than my daughter (who, keep in mind, is only a few inches shorter than me and shaped like a bean pole), but her personality, and her attitude, is that of the giant at the top of Jack's beanstalk.

But now my daughter has embraced her. Which I'm cool with, as long as sleepovers are done away from this house. I'm not sure if I can take the loud, frumpy, giant-like, 'Excuse me, ma'am, can I have a glass of water' at 10 at night when I'm trying to relax.

It made me think, though, about how tough it is to be the new girl, for your family to move in the middle of the school year, and how much my kids have bounced around in the past few years. That's when it hit me that there are 2 types of new kids:

  • The kind that keep to themselves, blend in, and let the locals come to them.
  • The kind that try, a little to hard, to fit into their new surroundings.

My kids are the first, most definitely. We moved 4 times in one calendar year, and every time we moved, they kept to themselves and let the locals embrace them. The result? My daughter is usually the cool kid in class (she is my daughter, right? Made of awesomeness.), and has a few close friends, but blends well with everyone. My son is a little awkward (he is a ginger, after all), but the teachers love him, the little girls in his class adore him, and he has a few close friends as well. I couldn't ask for anything more, honestly.

This new girl from across the street? She's definitely the second type. And psychologically, it makes sense. She's in a new environment, wants to make friends, wants to fit in, there's kids all around her that are her age, so she desperately wants to make an impression on them. Unfortunately, for the kids that go this route, the impression given is usually an annoying one, because they are trying too hard- like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. 

I feel bad for the new family sometimes; I watched all the kids at the bus stop this morning, and the new girl's brother was playing with some of the other boys... playing monkey in the middle, and he was the monkey. (It makes me wonder if kids understand that's a cruel game used to pick on a kid.) The new girl was talking to my daughter, and when another little girl would come over to talk to my daughter, the new girl would jump into the conversation, very loud, very pushy, and the other girl would roll her eyes and walk away. 

I can say, though, weirdness and all, I'm proud of my daughter for embracing the new girl. I watched them play together yesterday, and, when you put aside the 40 year old bar maid voice and Shrek-like body language, the new girl and my daughter seem to 'click' on some level. 

I am bracing myself for the day when my daughter comes to me with, 'Hey mom, can the new girl come stay the night?' Sure, honey, let me just make sure I have earplugs first.

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  1. This story reminded me of a boy my son befriended. He was the frumpy, weird voiced annoying kid in the neighborhood. He'd stop by every house (that had kids) either on the way over or on the way home to play. Seriously, ok putting aside the weird voice, the frumpiness of the boy those were minor things. (well kind of) But the thing that caused the red flags to fly, were the fact that he was playing with 7- 11 year olds and he was almost 13? Weird? What can a 13 year old have in common with a 7 yr old? Right!! Weird.. Ha! Sorry for the book of a comment, I am stopping by via the hop. I've followed you in all the places we have in common, and voted for you on the fence and topmommyblogs. I've also liked your fb page.

    Stop by my blog if you find it interesting please feel free to follow etc.

    Thanks enjoyed your article
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