Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hookers and Super Glue

For those that follow the facebook page, I know I sound like a broken record, and while I want to work on not bugging people so much, let's face it, I probably won't.

I need votes. Seriously. I need votes like a fat guy needs a cholesterol check, like a dog needs an ass to sniff, like a hooker needs some super glue (think about it...... yeah, there you go, funny shit, huh?). Let me tell you why...

When I started Inklings a year and a half ago, I was rising pretty fast. Gaining a following, getting feedback, being named blogger of the week or month on various sites; things were nice.

Then I made a stupid move. Well, a few stupid moves, but ones I felt were necessary at the time. I took a break from the blogosphere, not by choice, but by only option available to me at the time. Then shit went really downhill (like, almost ended up jobless, barefoot and probably knocked up, in a single wide on blocks, with a significant other pulling unemployment and cheating on me with every vagina with legs, downhill), so I made some huge life decisions, moved, and immediately picked up Inklings on the regular again.

Bad thing is, I'd been MIA for 7 months. 7 months in the blogosphere is pretty much suicide.

So, I dug in with both heels again, have been putting in any free time I've had, and over the last 6 months,
I've seen a little improvement. Following is picking up somewhat, people are talking about Inklings, sharing some things on facebook, and the followers I have are absolutely amazing. They vote on Top Mommy Blogs (link is to the right and under my signature), and now the new Circle of Moms mini-contest, they share articles with friends, they comment on different things on the blog or facebook page (I'm a comment whore- love them)- I freaking love them. Without them, I'd be nothing. I'd be sharing my craziness with just the other voices in my head and whatever family members decided to listen, purely for the sake of collecting evidence to have me committed.

After getting all of this out tonight, I'll try and calm down with the begging on facebook... mind you, I said 'try'. The Circle of Moms voting is only going on for another 2 weeks. It's a top 25 funny moms contest, and if you are in the top 25, you get some awesome publicity.

I think Inklings deserves that, but then again, I'm biased.

Then, with Top Mommy Blogs, it's an ongoing thing, but I've always had a goal of being in the top 25 there, too.

So, here's my proposal. I can't bribe people, as it's against the rules for both voting sites. But, in reading the fine print ('cause y'all know I like some loopholes), it basically says I can't bribe people with things like giveaways.

Good, I can't stand giveaways.

It doesn't say I can't bribe you all with non-material things.

That is, if you all even want my bribes.

But here's what I'm thinking. I proposed some time ago about starting to Vlog, and actually got some great feedback. Got busy with life and never did it. So, I'm thinking I'll propose this...

If we can get Inklings into the top 25 of either site (I'm not even being greedy and saying both sites, just one or the other), I'll vlog for you all. And, to sweeten the pot a little, I'll let you all pick the subject of my vlog. I'm open to suggestions, and then I'll put everything to a vote, probably on the facebook page. The winning idea will be vlogged about, by me.

I hope y'all come up with something good, because I have friends that stay close to me simply for my style of ranting. When I get on a roll, good gracious, there's no stopping me.

Does that even sound appealing to you all? Heavens above, I hope so.

So, please, please pass Inklings onto a friend, like the page on facebook and share it with your friends, sign obscure relatives up to daily emails from me- whatever it takes to gain a following, because the more people who read Inklings, the more people who will vote for Inklings.

Voting counts everyday, too. The brown Top Mommy Blogs button is to the right and below my signature in each post; for that one, all you have to do is click the button and it will send you to the TMB site, which will register a vote automatically for Inklings.

For the Circle of Moms mini-contest (which ends the 21st of March), votes count each day, too, and you have to click on the link below (or in the sidebar), scroll down until you find Inklings, and click the orange 'Vote' thumbs up button beside Inklings.

Again, thanks to everyone who does vote, and reads Inklings. I love y'all more than a runway model loves her ice cubes, more than a cat loves to lick it's ass, more than the dryer loves to eat socks, more than a cocaine addict loves their rolled dollar bills... that's how much y'all mean to me!

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