Friday, March 9, 2012

Fan Favorites Friday- Wait, When Did I Become Retro?

Fan Favorites Friday
I've decided to pull posts out of my archives on Fridays, starting with fan favorites, and throwing in some of my favorites as well.

Today, I'm reposting 'Wait, When Did I Become Retro?' from January of last year!


This week has been Spirit Week at my kids' school, and each day they've had something fun to look forward to participating in. Today is Retro Day, and I woke up this morning in a panic. My daughter had already decided she was going as a hippie. But my son, yeah, NO idea.

So, I jumped out of bed, hauled ass to his room, and began flinging clothes out of his drawers. Seriously, not much to work with at all. Until I saw it... a black dress shirt with a larger collar, and some semi-faded jeans. Retro day, right? Wait, the 80s aren't considered retro now, are they? Holy Garden Hose Batman, they are! Oh shit....

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