Monday, February 20, 2012

What's A Mom's Work Worth?

This week, I checked my email and found that Ben, over at had emailed me an Infographic. I took a look at it, and thought, 'Hell Yeah, this is amazing.' It's a look at what a mom is worth, if you were to actually pay her for everything she does.

We'll get to the infographic in a second, because you all know I have to put my two cents worth in first...

I used to be a stay-at-home mom, then a working mom who took her kids to work with her, then a working mom with kids in daycare, and now I'm a working mom with the help of family when it comes to the kids, which is the next best thing for them if I can't be home with them. So, I've done it all, and can actually argue both sides of the 'working mom vs. stay-at-home mom' debate that seems to continue in the media to this day.

What's my personal favorite? Being a stay-at-home mom, honestly. Not because I'm lazy (though I do enjoy being able to wear comfy pjs everyday while I'm at 'work'), but because when I was a stay-at-home mom, everything was taken care of. I'd get the kids off to school in the morning, clean the whole house, do laundry, start cooking dinner, possibly bake, and then when the kids came home, it was helping them do their homework, helping them with their chores, cooking an amazing meal, and being able to relax, in a clean house, with my family all evening.

To me, it was paradise.

Since becoming a working mom, I hated having my kids in daycare, and though I am extremely lucky and happy to currently have family help me out with my kids, I miss being home with them. The tattoo shop I work at now has helped me bridge that gap between working mom and stay-at-home mom as much as possible. Generally speaking, I only work 3 full days a week (an 11-9 shift). The other days I either have off, or they let me off in time to get the kids off the bus and spend the evening with my family. I explained to them when I started that my family was very important to me, and time with them is crucial. They are amazing here, and very understanding. I'm a very lucky working mom, and thank them whenever I can, and the heavens above that I am able to be with my kids as much as possible.

So, below is's amazing infographic on what a mom is worth. I will say a few things about it. Doctor and referee aren't on the list of jobs mothers do, which is slighly upsetting. And, when it comes to the 'working mom vs. stay-at-home mom' comparison below, I love how they do calculate a working mom's 'mom-job' pay at $63,472, and then say '+ actual pay' below it. Not to slight stay-at-home moms at all (I just praised the hell out of you all above, and told you I want to be one of you again), but we working moms go to work (where technically we are still on mom duty if anyone gets sick at school or whatnot) and then come home and do everything that you all did in a whole day. It's exhausting, and I like how the infographic breaks that down.

Enjoy! And a huge thanks to Ben from for sending this to me (though I understand by me blogging about it for free, I'm sending readers your way. It's cool, if it's something I believe in, and this infographic is just that something!). Be sure to share this post with other moms you know on facebook or where ever!!

What is a Mom’s Work Worth? [infographic]

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